How to Increase Your WordPress Site Page Speed Score?

How to Increase Your WordPress Site Page Speed Score

WordPress is a very popular platform that we use to create websites. And the main reason behind this is, even the people who do not have in-depth technical knowledge can use it very easily. And the person who is running the website will also have complete control over the website. But if you want to make your website and business grow, creating a website is not enough. It is also very important to make sure that your website runs at a great speed. In order to increase the traffic of your website, you can use tools like WordPress Page Speed.

If you are wondering what the WordPress page speed tool is then do not worry. Here we have explained this in detail.

A Detailed Overview of WordPress Page Speed:

WordPress Page Speed is an online tool using which you can track the speed of your website. Before using this you will have to run speed tests. This tool gives a score to your website when you run these tests on the basis of the loading speed. If a website has a low bounce rate, then this simply means it will take less time to load. And when you run a speed test on this website, the score will be high.

This tool is important if you want to know your website in a better way. The faster a page is, the more efficiently it will work. There have been many studies about this. And one of those studies says if a page of your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will lose a good number of users because of this. Nobody wants to use a sluggish website. So if your website does not load at the blink of an eye, the user will immediately move to another website. 

Possible Impacts of a Slow Website:

  • Lower SEO Ranking: Google is the most used search engine. And if you want your website to achieve a good ranking on this search engine then you really have to take care of the load time. And you will also have to optimize the website properly. Seeing your website on the second or third page of search results is the last thing you would want to happen. If this happens, the SEO of your website is badly affected and you will also lose a great number of website visitors. 
  • Downturn in Search Results: It is a fact that if your website takes some time to load then Google will place your website on the third or fourth page of search results. Or in some cases, it can be pushed some more. And there is no doubt in the fact that most of the users only check out the first or second page. On these two pages, they will most probably find the result they came here for. If your website has a low load time then you can remain visible to the users.
  • Reduced Traffic: Many researches have been conducted on this topic. According to those reports, it has been proved that every website has a short time window of 2-3 seconds. In this time duration if the website gets load then the user will proceed otherwise the chances are high that he/she will move to another website. If your website also takes ages to load and your traffic is significantly decreasing then now you have the answer. Your slow website is causing that. 

How to Reduce Load Time?

At this point, you must have started wondering if there are any possible ways to reduce the loading time of your website. For your convenience, here we have explained some ways to improve the page speed and also improve the SEO ranking of your website.

  • Choose a Good Hosting Provider: In order to improve the loading speed and obtain a high Page Speed score, you have to pick your hosting provider very carefully. The hosting service of a website plays an important role in this. You have to think of all the aspects before picking one for your website. 
  • Take Regular Backups: When you run a website, it is important to maintain regular backups of your website. This way you can easily get your website back up and running if something goes wrong. Most of the hosting providers also give the facility of automatic regular backups. It is a great idea to choose a hosting service that comes with this option.
  • Optimize Images: Images are the most important feature of any website. They convey your message to the users very easily. And along with this, they also make your website look attractive. But when you use high-quality images on your website, they also take up a lot of space. This will cause your website to load slowly. To fix this problem, always optimize the images that you are going to put on your website. You can use any online tool for that. There are so many options for this purpose. And with these image compression tools, you can also remain assured about the quality. These tools only compress the size of an image and not the quality.
  • Use a Caching Plugin: Whenever a user makes a request to load your website, the browser will have to carry out multiple operations. And after that, the user will be able to see your website. And this happens every time a request is made. This also causes your website to load slowly. The solution to this is using a caching plugin. With this plugin, the browser saves all the elements required to load the website when the user makes the request for the first time. And on every repeated attempt, the browser takes data from the cache memory. This ultimately results in a fast loading website. You can use a free plugin like W3 Total Cache as well for this purpose. 
  • Install All Updates: whenever an update is introduced by the WordPress community, you should never ignore it. By installing all the updates, you can make sure that your website remains secure and you never miss out on any new and amazing feature. You should install all the updates be it related to  WordPress software, plugins or themes.

Wrapping Up!

If you are running a WordPress website to represent your business then by now you must have realized that loading speed is very important. If your website takes less time to load then this will eventually result in increased traffic and productivity. There are so many tools that you can use to keep a track of your website’s speed. WordPress Page Speed is one such tool.

By now you must have understood a lot of things but it is also obvious to have a lot of questions in mind. Want to get the answers to all of your queries? If yes then you need only some professional assistance. And if you have no idea where to go for this assistance then we got your back here. You can contact us 24×7 on 1-866-332-O276.


How can we track the speed of a website?

You can run speed tests on the website. 

Is it important to install all the updates?

Yes, it is very important.

Name a good caching plugin for WordPress?

W3 Total Cache

Can we use online tools to optimize images?


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