Speed-Up Your WordPress Website

A slow website means a high bounce back rate; speed up your website and your profits!

Reasons Why You Should Get your Website Optimized

Faster the website is, higher its conversion rate will be.If a website has less load time, it will undoubtedly rank higher on the search engines.With a fast loading website, you will be able to provide your visitors with a rich and engaging user experience.

Our Speed Optimization Services Include:

Frustrated from your sluggish website? We will take a slow-loading one and make it load lightning fast with our speed optimization services.

Our team of WordPress professionals knows the thing inside out and are expert at what they do. So the chance of making any mistake is equal to zero.

How we are Different?

On the name of speed optimization, we do not install a few performance optimizing plugins and call it a day. We analyze your website thoroughly and plan strategies that are suitable for it.The practices we perform absolutely correlate with the real-time performance of the website.

We testmany different performance configurations and then choose the one that works in the best way for your website.We create a performance architecture that is result-oriented,robust, self-maintaining, self-evolving. We also try to keep it as automated as possible.

We try and reduce the page size to the possible extent. This will eventually result in a fast loading website.Our team follow more logical practices such as focusing on render-blocking resources.

Before Speed Optimization

After Speed Optimization

We make sure slow loading time is the last of your worries…

Let Your Customers benefit from an smooth user experience and increased engagement. With great content, you develop your business. Let us take care of the technicalities of your website!

Great Hosting Server

We help you access a fast remote computer, which means a fast load time of the pages requested by the user.

Dependable Theme Framework

We help you decide on an efficient theme, that is well-coded and has zero loopholes for a loading lag.

Effective Caching Plugin

We assist you in selecting an effective caching plugin to make the loading time faster and to decrease the load on your server.

Optimize Images

Have a visually rich website? We support you in optimizing your images and their compression to help load your site faster.

Optimize Database

A cluttered database leads to slow speed. We guide you in clearing out and organizing the database for a decreased loading time.

Resolve WordPress Errors

When technical WordPress errors trouble you, we are there to resolve them instantly.

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Deploy CDN

We help you obtain a CDN. These Content Delivery Networks make sure your website loads fast and is protected from DDoS attacks.

Slow Plugin Identification

We identify the slow plugins and remove them. Alternatively, we update outdated plugins so that they do not get in the way of your website’s speed.

Minification of JavaScript and CSS

We Minify the JavaScript and CSS of your website in order to reduce load times. It also helps you lower the bandwidth usage on the website.

Zip Compression

To help you achieve the ultimate goal of making your website lightning fast, we enable compression from the server or the main source from where the assets are being delivered.

Enable Browser Caching

By enabling browser caching we all the browser to download all the elements that are required to load a page at once. This way, the website loads very quickly with the help of cache files.


Query Strings Removal

Query strings can cause your website to slow down and a slow-loading website always has higher bounce rate, for obvious reasons. To increase your website’s speed, we remove query strings.

Mobile Version Optimization

The desktop version of your website is fine but the mobile version is sluggish? Mostly people browse through their mobiles so speed optimization of your mobile site is as important as of the desktop site.

Request Combining

If there are too many requests made to the server at the same time then it is obvious that the website will load slowly. We avoid that by combining all the JS and CSS that will eventually result in reduced amount of requests

Reduced Server Response Time

Our fully-managed website hosting environment helps you to cut down on the server response time. This way, you can achieve the fast loading website, you are aiming for.

Inline CSS

Inlining the CSS will automatically reduce the amount of files that need to be downloaded in order to display a web page. Once the CSS has been inlined, all your browser has to do is download the HTML file.