Update Your WordPress Website

With regular updates, your Website performs exactly as it should…without complications.

An Updated WordPress Website Is Always Best

Security: The maximum malware infiltration is through outdated themes, plugins and old versions of WordPress Added Feature are a great benefit of keeping your WordPress website updated.

Bug Fixes! Updates are a way to make your website better, by doing away with previously existing bugs. Get blazing speed for your website with an updated website.

You never have to worry about your website’s performance if you are diligent with your updates. Best part? You do not have to worry about anything, because we provide 24/7 WordPress Update Service!

We are providing regular WordPress Backup. The same way your car needs to be serviced and its oil needs to be changed regularly, your WordPress website needs a good care too.

What are WordPress Updates?

Why WordPress Updates are Important?

Things to Know Before Updating WordPress

Make sure that PHP version is updated to the latest one. All the plugins are updated so that any conflict can be avoided later. Select one of editor from two available options: Classic Editor and Gutenberg Editor.

Create a backup of the website that can be used to get the site back up and running if anything goes wrong in the process of updating.

Check all the cache plugins. Visit all the plugins that were installed to improve the performance. Check whether they are working or not.

Elements of WordPress that Needs Updating

Core File:

Core files of WordPress works as the backbone of the website. Updating these core files on regular intervals help you to get security fixes, bug fixes and provide many new features.


Plugins are used to add the desired functionality to your website according to your requirements.


Theme of a website plays an important role of reflecting the layout of the website. Your existing theme needs to be updated regularly in order to get better in appearance and functionalities.

Get It Done With Us!

Although all the core updates of WordPress are automated but there are times when you have to handle the process. For such situations, you do not have to get panic.

With WeWPYou.com, you will get access to a dedicated team of professional WordPress experts. They will take care of all the technicalities related to WordPress updates and leave you with plenty of time to focus on other important things.

Your Website Is Always Secure When It Is Completely Updated.

Carrying Out Regular Updates On Your WordPress Website Helps To Optimize the Site and Enhance its Performance.

Plugin & Theme Updates

Regular update of Plugins and Themes, ensure that there are no loopholes in the structure of your website.

UI & UX Updates

They are not one-time efforts and continuously evolve. Updating them empowers users, adds new features and makes your website more cohesive.

Safe Procedures

We understand that there are chances of things going wrong after updates. To avoid that we keep backups that can be used in such cases.

Weekly Activity Reports

Weekly updated report of all that we are up to, in a language that you can get, on your desk.

24x7 Support

We function just like the internet does, always! Our customer support is available 24x7, 365 days!

WordPress Core Upgrade

WordPress comes out with core updates every few months. We help keep your website updated by making sure you always stay ahead of the line!

SEO Updates

SEO algorithms are important to keep a tab of, after all who does not want a website that does great on Google! We have got you covered,

Woocommerce Support

Have an e-commerce website? Want to make sure that no customer ever leaves without completing a purchase? Do not worry we have WooCommerce assistance to get you going.

Highly Accurate

We do even small things like installing a plugin or updating it manually. This way we can avoid any possibilities of things going wrong because of some faulty plugin or some other element.

Complete Control in Your Hands

We handle all the tasks related to your website but this does not mean that you will lose the control. You will still have complete control over it.

One Solution Fits All

No matter what type of website you have, we will take care of everything. We provide incredible update services regardless of the type size or no. of websites.

Gutenberg icon

Gutenberg editor Support

Stuck somewhere while trying to upgrade to the all-new Gutenberg Editor? No worries, we have professional experts who can do it for you.