Secure Your WordPress Website

We detect security loopholes and use the leading malware removing tools to protect your website of potential attacks.

Why You Need Professional WordPress Security Monitoring

Your website’s security is maintained with 24/7 WordPress Security Service. Our WordPress experts who keep a close eye on every happening.Get WordPress Speed Optimization and enhance the security results in higher search engine rankings.

Protected websites create more customer trust and an increased conversion rate.With WordPress Security Service, prevent browser alerts and shutdowns that lead to boosts customer confidence.

Professional WordPress Monitoring ensures that your website is always backed up.In case of an unfortunate hack, roll back to a back-up and get back to business.

We Deal with Issues like

DNS, WHOIS and SSL record changes, Vulnerable software, Malware Infection, Spams, Website Blacklisting

Basic Security Tips from Our Experts

Always take care of your device’s security and try to keep it safe.Use a trusted web hosting provider.Avoid installing any plugin, theme or other elements from some unknown source.Always run the latest version of PHP and WordPress.Never use passwords that can be easily guessed.If you ever notice a suspicious attempt from a specific IP address, take some instant action like blocking it or putting a limit on its access.Take regular backups of your website so that you are sorted even if something goes wring with it.Always hand over your website to professional hands only, the people who know what they are doing.


Our Security Services Cover

We are offering

Secure your website with a team of experts

We use security mechanisms that protect and scan your website for all kind of malware, vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

Here, you are being offered a wide range of security solutions like malware removal, regular scan, IP tracking and much more.

We know that one size does not fit all so we change our strategies according to the specific requirements of your website.

Boost your site’s defenses and never face a WordPress worry again!

WordPress is a secure platform, but every website has unique security needs. We tailor make your security needs and monitor your safety 24×7.

Website Lockdown

In case of a security breach or a potential attack, our team will configure the services and system to prevent an unwanted intrusion.

Two Factor Authentication

Our team ensures that your website is secured with a multi-factor authentication as a precaution against a standard password-only approach.

Log Out Idle Users

As a security conscious business, we force inactive users to log out of the system to improve your safety.

SSL to Encrypt Data

When your data is under transfer and transmission, safeguard it using SSL. We help you in getting the certificate as well as the configuration.

Force Strong Passwords

Strong passwords gets the user essential security against frauds and attacks.

24/7 Monitoring

Prevention is better than cure. So is monitoring before revival. We keep a check on your site round-the-clock to catch any problem.

Hacked Site Support

For when you need protection and support the most, we are there. We restore your site and remove the malware in less than 24 hours.

Weekly Security Reporting

When the technicalities are with us, you still have full control of how your website works. Get a weekly report of all that we have been doing!

Regular Malware Scans

We make sure that your website is being regularly scanned for any kind of malware or some security threat. If we find any kind of malicious code or potential backdoor then we instantly take some corrective measures.

IP Tracking

In order to prevent some potentially harmful traffic, we use an advanced security mechanism called IP tracking. This way, the traffic from a specific location can be blocked.


We implement all the possible practices to keep hackers and spammers at bay and installing an efficient firewall is one of those practices.

Brute Force Protection

This security mechanism called Brute Force Protection involves many things like changing your login URL, forcing stronger passwords and much more.

Regular Plugin and Theme Scan

We keep scanning all the add-ons of the website like plugins and themes and if we find any kind of malicious element, we quickly put that in filtering process.

Adjust File Permissions

By doing so, we allow only designated people whom you know and can trust completely to add to your existing file system.

Manage Inactive Elements

Any inactive and outdated element, be it a plugin or some additional code can cause security threats. We keep a track of all the elements and update them whenever required to avoid this issue.

Regular Database Optimization

We know that you want your website to keep running at a lightning fast speed and for that we perform regular database optimization.