Back-Up Your WordPress Website

Your Website Back-Up Is An Integral Part of You Security System!

What is a WordPress Backup?

WordPress backup can be defined as a copy of all your website’s content. We create backups to avoid any issues if anything goes wrong while making any changes to the website.A backup Website includessome elements of the website including:Website code files, Database, Images, Plugins, Themes and other add-ons.

Why Backups are required?​

Creating a backup of the website is as important as its regular maintenance.Any issues that come during the process of updating can be easily reversed with the help of backups.Any type of data loss can be prevented.All the compatibility issues that might occur after new installations can be easily handled.With the help of regular backups, you do not have to worry about any data loss in the case of malware infection and everything will be taken care of.The process of migrating web hosts becomes a whole lot easier.A testing version of your website can be created without any hassle.This helps to foster strong and advanced security practices.We provide immediate integration and configuration so the process takes no time.

Unique Features We Provide

Different Ways to Create Backups

How Are Backups Beneficial For Your Website?

WordPress websites are vulnerable to hacking, having backups ready can save you in the times of an emergency.Even as a developer, no matter how experienced you are, mistakes can happen.Back-Up often, you never know when it will be needed.With efficient WordPress Backup Service, your important data never gets lost.During attack, you do not lose business as a backup is ready to be installed to get your website going. We also cover you with our WordPress Security Service.If anything crashes while enabling plugins or new elements, with our WordPress Website Backup Service you can immediately go back to your previous backup.

Easy Website Backups with WeWPYou

Not able to rely on the backup service that comes as an inclusion with your web hosting plan? No need to worry. With us, you will get access to a team of highly professional experts who know the WordPress inside out.

We use fully automated process to take regular backups of your website. We also make sure that we always use advanced level security mechanisms in order to make the process free from any kind of security threat.It is not easy leave your website solely in some other hands but with WeWPYou, you can be assured that you are dealing with people who know the business and also know how to do it right.

Never Worry About Losing Data Due To Security Threats, Your Back-Ups Have You Safe!

With the popularity of WordPress as a medium, there is also increased vulnerability. Your backups are your insurance against potential threats and malware attacks.

Automatic Backups

For your convenience, we automate the process of backup of your website with all its elements and settings on a frequency selected by you.

Automatic Restoration

In case of an unfortunate glitch or attack, there is an automatic and fast restoration of your most recent previous backup.

Weekly Manual Backups

Every week our team does a manual backup of everything so that there is nothing that goes unnoticed.

Backup History Report

Nothing happens without your approvals. Our team sends you a backup history report on regular intervals.

Real Time Monitoring

We provide vigilant and real-time monitoring of all the backups of your WordPress website in order to get streamlined backup operations.

Multisite Backups Supported

Hold multiple WordPress websites? Not a problem our team can support multi-site backups so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Migration Service

In scenarios of a change in backup software, we generate fresh backup media that is compatible with the new software.

Unlimited Databases

Worried about how many backups can we store? Worry no more! Our unlimited databases have an immense capacity.

Multiple Daily Backups

We also give an option of creating backups for your site multiple times per day in order to make sure that no change remains uncaptured.

One-Click Restore

Do you find the process of restoring the backed up versions of your website very complicated? Not anymore. With us, it is just one click that is required to entirely restore your website.

Constant Support

In the case of a backup going rouge, you do not have to worry. We have got your back with 24/7 constant customer support.

Cloud Backup

All your backups are being stored on a secured cloud. If anything goes wrong with your server, for example if it crashes down, you do not lose even a tiny bit of data of your website.