How to Safeguard your WordPress Site Through website hosting security?

How to Safeguard your WordPress Site Through Secure Web Hosting

When you run a website you will have to deal with a lot of confidential data. This can be related to your website or the information about your users. No matter what type of data it is, you need to be extra careful about security. You have to make sure that every detail is secure. The hosting of a website plays a major role in it. When creating a website you should choose the hosting provider very carefully. The internet is a vast place but it is equally dangerous and using WordPress makes you more prone to fall prey to some hacking attacks. There is no need to make Google searches like website hosting security. Here we have explained everything about this in detail.

Why is hosting important and How to Safeguard it?

Using a secure web hosting is important for any type of website. It gets even more important when you are running a website that deals with important information of the users like payment information, identity etc. But it is a fact that you should know, not every hosting provider gives the same amount of protection to your website. Dedicated hosting plan is the most secure of all. There are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind. Some of them are:

How to Choose a Secured Hosting or website hosting security?

When you choose a hosting service for your website there are a few features that you should look for in an option. Once you are sure that your option has everything you are looking for then only make your pick.

Easy Backups and Restoration:

The necessity of taking the backups is not limited to your personal computer only. Maintaining regular backups is even more important when it comes to a website. Because every website contains a lot of important information and a huge amount of effort. But if something goes wrong with the website you will have to redo everything. To avoid doing so it is important that you take backups of your website regularly. There are some hosting providers that come with the feature of automatic backups. If you find the task of creating regular backups frustrating then this type of hosting services is definitely your option. These automated backups are created periodically. And you can start the process of restoration as per your convenience.

Server and Network Monitoring:

Every website is hosted on a server and such servers are located in huge data centers. Almost everything is automated in these data centers. But it is also a fact that you need to keep monitoring the traffic. So the best idea is to choose a hosting provider that gi8ves the option of server and network monitoring by default. This way you will get notified in the case of any suspicious traffic if there is any. And this also means that you lessen the chances of any kind of malware attack. 


DDoS attacks are the last thing anyone would want to happen with their website. With such attacks, some malicious users break a website down. In this tactic, they flood the website with tons of incoming traffic. And when a website gets overwhelmed with traffic it will eventually break down. So it is very important that the hosting you are using should contain DDoS protection. And your option should also contain a firewall as it is the first line of defense when it comes to hacking attacks.

Malware Scanner:

To protect your personal computer, you use an efficient antivirus, and similarly to protect your website, you should use a malware scanner. You should pick a hosting provider that comes with a malware scanner. This way your website will be scanned from time to time.

Spam Filtering:

Actually, spam does not have any kind of direct negative impact on a website’s security. But if you suddenly start getting spam mails then it can be a DDoS attack. And if this is the case then this can become a very major security threat for your website. To fix this in the initial phase, you should use spam filtering on a website. There are many hosting providers that come with an option of spam filtering. This will keep the spam away from your website and also lessen the chances of any DDoS attack. 

Protected FTP:

If you do not have much idea about websites and web hosting then you can use FTP for the purpose of moving large amounts of files to your web host. SFTP is the secure version of FTP and it ensures that your data is safe while the transfer is going on.

By now you must have got an idea how important it is to choose a hosting provider carefully that can help you secure your website. Selecting a secured and renowned hosting provider is not a complicated task at all. You only have to keep a few things in mind and you are sorted. 

Wrapping Up!

There are a few things that you can do to keep your website secure and safe. Choosing a good web hosting provider is one of the most important steps you can take. Here we have explained how is website hosting security affecting factors. 

Do you have any queries about the points mentioned above? If yes then this is the time to get some professional assistance. And if you are not sure where you can go to take that help them do not stress yourself. You just need to contact us. You can call us on 1-866-332-O276 and we are available 24×7. And you will get all the required assistance.


What is SFTP?

SFTP is Secured File Transfer Protocol.

Does a sudden increase in spam emails hint at the possibility of a DDoS attack happening?

Yes, it gives a hint of a DDoS attack.

Does any web hosting provider come with the feature of server and network monitoring?


Do we have to look for SSL certificate while choosing a hosting service? 


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