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How to Improve Your Website Visibility

Have you created a website to represent your business digitally? If yes then does not start expecting some significant changes in productivity right away. And the reason behind this is also very simple. Creating a fully functional website is not enough to make your business grow. You also need to make sure that your website appears to your target audience when they are browsing. At this point, you must be thinking about how to improve your website visibility. There is no need to worry as we are going to discuss it thoroughly here.

Improve the Visibility of Your Website:

Getting a higher rank in the search results of Google and other search engines is not as difficult as it might sound at first. All you have to do is, follow a few simple tips. By following the below solutions, you will also be able to gain a great amount of visibility for your website on Google.

Register with Google Search Console :


This is the very first step you need to take. By doing this, you submit your website and its sitemap to Google so that it can get indexed. This way you are also informing Google that your website exists in the digital space. It increases the chances for your website to make a spot in the search results. But this is also not the only thing that you can do with the help of Google Search Console. With this tool, you can do a lot of other things like:

  • Checking all the external links
  • Finding out and getting rid of any crawling errors on your website
  • Giving Google the information about the existence of different versions of the website
  • Checking all the search queries that are bringing traffic to your website
  • Notify Google every time you update a piece of content

Register with Google My Business:

google my business

Do you want your website to appear when someone makes some geographic searches? If yes then Google My Business is your tool. Once you register your website on this, you will have to get your website verified. By completing this step you are telling Google about the physical location you are operating your business from. This way you are making sure that your website appears on Google Maps. And it will become easy for you to get the attention of users who are making location-specific searches. 

Work on its loading time:

loading time

The next important step is to reduce the loading time of your website. If your website takes a few seconds to appear completely, you can assume that you will lose almost 30 percent of the users because of this. In today’s world nobody wants to use a website that takes ages to load. A user will decide to spend some time on your website only if it gives a great user experience. Now you must be having thoughts like what you can do about it. There are a few things you can do:

  • Reduce the number of HTTPS requests
  • Optimize the images before adding to your website
  • Pick the suitable web hosting

Use the right keywords:

When you want to boost the SEO of a website, keywords are one of the few things you need to work on. If you want your website to grab a position on search results, you must use all the right keywords. This will definitely help your website to rank on Google and others. To find out the suitable keywords for your website, use a tool to perform the research. Once you select a few keywords that are relevant to your website, you can start putting them on your website. Only finding keywords does not do the job. You should have an idea what are the right places to put them. You should always add keywords to meta description, page title, heading, body of the content and URLs. If done the right way, this one step can generate a great amount of traffic for your website. 

Backlink Creation:


Having good page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and putting keywords into them is not sufficient. You will need some backlinks so that your website can appear on Google search results. Backlinks are basically links to other websites that point to your website. There are many ways of doing so. Having backlinks from good websites that are searched enough on Google can do wonders for your website. But also make sure that you do not fall prey to spam. Because if Google notices this, you can get your website penalized. 

Use Social Media:

Social Media

In today’s digital world, almost everyone uses one or another social media platform. There are many different platforms and each one of them offers different functionality and features. If you are in the process of increasing your website visibility on Google, you can use social media. This is one of the best ways of doing so. All you have to do is, analyze different factors and build a good social media strategy. 

Wrapping Up!

Have you recently created a website for your business and now want to make a move towards the next step? If yes then you must be thinking about how to improve your website visibility. For your convenience, here we have explained what are the different ways of doing so. 

By now you must have understood a lot of different things but at the same time your mind must have filled with a lot of questions also. If yes then you should take some expert help. There is no need to worry if you are confused where to get help from. All you have to do is, Contact Us. We are available 24×7.


QA. What do I need to do if I want to make my website appear in relevant geographic search results?

Ans: For this, you will have to register your website with Google My Business. 

QA. What are some popular social media platforms?

Ans: Some of the popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram etc.

QA. Name a good tool for keyword research?

Ans: Google Keyword Planner

QA. How can we submit a website and its sitemap to Google?

Ans: For this, you will have to register your website with Google Search Console. 

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