How to Effectively Use WordPress Drag, and Drop Page Builder?

How to Effectively Use WordPress Drag, and Drop Page Builder

You always look for the easiest possible way to carry out a task and the same thing goes for the process of creating a website. If you want to build and customize our WordPress website effortlessly then using a drag and drop builder is your go to option. This way you will not have to worry about writing any code. And you will also not have to hire a developer for this, if you are not tech savvy. There are so many options available. You have to choose one that is the best WordPress page builder according to your requirements. 

At this point, you must have started having a lot of questions in mind like:

  • What is a WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder?
  • How does it work?
  • What are some good ones?

But hold yourself. There is no need to start making searches like: best free page builder WordPress, best free WordPress page builder, or best page builder WordPress. Here you will get all the answers to your queries.

What is a WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder?

A page builder is something that helps you to build or customize your website and that too without having to write any code. This is so effortless because it works on a drag and drop approach. When you just start with your website, it can be a daunting task to manage the website. There can be times when you will have to change the page layout or make some minor changes to it. In such cases, a drag and drop page builder comes to your rescue. 

Unlike other website building platforms like Weebly etc. WordPress does not come with an in-built drag and drop page builder. But here is the best thing about WordPress. You always have the option to add a plugin for every purpose. The case is no different with page builders. There are so many plugins available that you can choose from. All you have to do is, figure out all your requirements and then pick a suitable page builder plugin. 

Best Page Builder Plugins:

Although the WordPress repository is full of page builder plugins but sifting through all of them to pick the right one is an exhausting task. For your convenience, here we have compiled a list of a few good options.

Beaver Builder:

It is one of the most user-friendly page builder plugins available for WordPress. There is also an inbuilt onboarding tour of this plugin. This will help you to understand it better and make the most out of it. This premium plugin is lightning fast and offers a live drag and drop interface. You will be able to see how something would look on the website as soon as you make the change. All you have to do is, just drag the element from the right sidebar and drop it on the page. If you want to edit the properties of a particular element then you have that option as well. 

You can add so many elements on your pages like sliders, buttons, content blocks, etc. No matter what element you want to add to your page, there is a module for everything. 

Divi Builder:

Divi is an easy to use page builder that works on the drag and drop approach. This plugin comes with more than 20 different layouts. You can choose any of them according to your website’s requirements. Just like the Beaver Builder, this plugin also offers a live drag and drop interface. To start editing the page, just click on the page and you will get to see the real-time preview. There are 46 different content modules in this plugin. With this, you can create a page layout according to your requirements very easily. 

Although this page builder plugin works best with the Divi theme but it does not mean that this does not work with any other WordPress themes. 


Elementor is also an extremely popular drag and drop page builder for WordPress. And just like Divi and Beaver Builder, this is also a live page builder. This means you can preview all the changes you make without saving them. IT offers a real-time preview. Starting out the page building and customization is also very easy with Elementor. You can start by creating sections. And then you will have to decide how many columns you want in each of the sections. 

To add an element to a section, just drag it from the right sidebar and then drop it on the page. And if you want to add a widget, you will have to drag it from the left sidebar. There are so many widgets available for every purpose. From basic widgets to advanced ones, there is everything. Either you need a widget for a slider, testimonials, icon, or social media, just name it and there you have it. And you also have the option of adding widgets created by other WordPress plugins.

This page builder offers tons of templates. They are ready to use. All you have to do is, insert them into your pages. And to customize it, you can click on any item on the page and edit it. You will be able to replace the content, and you are sorted. 


This is a very popular page builder plugin available for WordPress. If you use a theme from Themify then you get the built-in page builder. But if you are using any other WordPress theme then also you have the option use the plugin separately. This is a highly intuitive page builder. It offers various modules that are ready to use. You can effortlessly add them to your pages. 

There are more than 40 different layouts. You can pick any of them according to the requirements of your website. To import a layout all you have to do is, click once and then change the content. This way you will be able to build a page that suits your requirements within minutes. With this page builder, you can easily edit the pages from the admin area and live site both. 

Wrapping Up!

Have you just started your website and are looking for a way to build and customize pages easily? This is when a WordPress drag and drop page builder comes into the pictures. A page builder makes things very easy for you. There are so many options that claim to be the best WordPress page builder. For your clarity, here we have explained four different page builders. Hopefully, this will help you to make a good decision. 

At this point, you are well informed about Drag and Drop Page Builders that can be used in WordPress websites. But no matter how detailed the explanation is, it is always possible to have a few queries in mind. If you also have some then you can get them resolved with our professional Support team. You can contact us on 1-866-332-O276. We work around the clock. 

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