How WordPress Site Gets Hacked and What are the Ways to Prevent It?

How WordPress Site Gets Hacked

If you run a WordPress website to represent your business online then have you ever wondered what WordPress hacking is? No matter which platform your website is built on, it will always be vulnerable to some kind of hacking attacks. This is not the case with WordPress only. But this is also a fact that WordPress websites are very easy targets for malicious users. And the simple reason behind this is, WordPress is a very popular website builder. By now you must have got an idea what is hacking in WordPress. Now you must have started wondering if there is a way to prevent WordPress Hacking.

Here we are going to discuss a few common reasons why a website can fall prey to hackers. We will also explain how you can stop this from happening. 

What Makes a Website Vulnerable?

There are a few common causes why a WordPress website falls prey to hacking attacks. Some of them are:

  • Unsecured hosting
  • Using passwords  that are not strong enough
  • Unprotected Admin Access
  • Incorrect file permissions
  • Outdated WordPress software
  • Outdated plugins or theme files
  • Nulled Themes and Plugins
  • Unsecured WordPress Configuration File

How to Prevent WordPress Hacking?

Fixing a website that has been hacked is a really painful thing to do. The website also takes a lot of time to recover. And there can also be instances when you cannot get the website back up and running. So it is always better that you take all the required precautions and prevent your website from being hacked in the first place. There are a few things you can do.

Use Strong Passwords:

Passwords play a very important role in maintaining the security of a website. You should always choose strong passwords. If you want to check if your password is a strong one or not then there are so many tools available for this. And if you find it difficult to remember complex passwords then also you do not have to worry. There are many password management tools available. You can also use a tracking tool to track all your passwords. There are many options available like 1Password. Always try to use passwords that are difficult to guess. 

Keep Everything Updated:

WordPress is an ever-growing community that is being supported by a large number of developers. For your convenience, they keep introducing new versions of the WordPress software. It is highly recommended that you install each and every update on your website. This way you never miss out on any amazing features. And one more reason is, if you are running an outdated version of WordPress then your website is more vulnerable to hacking attacks. To avoid any type of security threat, keep your WordPress website always updated. The same goes for plugins and theme files as well. You should always keep them updated. 

Declutter the Server:

The server keeps storing all the versions of WordPress. When you install an update, the server will also keep the previous version stored. And you will never need any of them. So it is a good idea to delete all the unused versions from the server. It might also have some files, plugins, themes, etc. that you will never use. So get rid of them as well. 

Keep the network protected:

It is recommended to run regular scans on your system. And it is even more required when you run Windows OS. Also, you have to be careful while browsing and make sure that you only browse safe websites. Sometimes those unsafe websites contain a trojan virus. When you visit that infected website, your computer gets infected. And if this trojan is a keystroke tracker then whatever you will type on your computer will be visible to hackers. And this is how you will give your website login details away. And when someone knows how to access your website, your website can be easily hacked. This is the reason why you should always use a good amount of security for your computer and network. 

Use a Good Security Plugin:

Although WordPress provides enough security for your website by default, there is no harm in taking an additional step. You can use a good security plugin for your website. There are so many different options available. You can use the MalCare plugin. This plugin comes for free but if you want to get access to more advanced features then you can go for the paid version. And one of the best things about this plugin is, you do not have to configure this. It is very easy to set up. And the scanning will take place on the cloud servers. So it will not affect the way your website performs while the scan is running. Some other good options are Shield WordPress Security, WordFence etc. 

Avoid Using Public Networks:

In order to keep your website protected, you should avoid accessing your website when you are connected to a public network. This way you might make your login details visible to malicious users who are using the same network. If anyone is using a packet sniffing software then he/she will be able to get your login details very easily. 

Use an SSL Certificate:

It is very important to use an SSL certificate on your website. If your website does not have one then Google and other search engines will mark it an unsecured. And whenever a user will try to access your website, he/she will get a warning. This warning will say that this website can prove to be harmful for their system. And this results in reduced traffic on your website. Users will try to use other websites. In some cases, you get an SSL certificate as a part of the hosting plan. But if you didn’t get one then install it as soon as possible. 

Create Regular Backups:

You should always create regular backups of your website. So if for any reason your website breaks down, you always have an option to get your website back up and running. From the backups, you can easily restore your website when something goes wrong. 

Wrapping Up!

When you run a website, you always try to do the best to keep it protected. But no matter how hard you try, your website can still fall prey to hacking attacks. At this point, you must be thinking what WordPress Hacking is and how you can prevent it. To know more about this, read the blog where we have explained everything in detail.

By now you must have understood a lot of things but it is also obvious to have a lot of questions in mind. Want to get the answers to all of your queries? If yes then you need only some professional assistance. And if you have no idea where to go for this assistance then we got your back here. You can contact us 24×7 on 1-866-332-O276.


Do we need to install an SSL Certificate?

Yes, it is required.

Should we avoid using public networks?

To keep your website protected avoid logging into the admin of your website when you are connected to a public network.

Does the server store many different versions of a website?

Yes, and we should always keep deleting those unused versions regularly.

Name a good password tracking tool?


What are some good security plugins for WordPress?

Malware, Shield WordPress Security, WordFence etc

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