How to Engage Customers on WordPress Website?

Engage Customers on WordPress Website

Creating a stunning website with perfect images and content is not sufficient to achieve a higher conversion rate. This requires customers’ engagement with your website for as much time as possible. Increased page views make a website successful without any doubt but there is more to this. Having a high number of people visiting your website is good for your business but the amount of time they are spending here is equally important. 

When they spend plenty of time on your website they are more likely to get a better understanding of your product and services. In this time they explore your website thoroughly and end up signing up for your service or buying the product you are offering. The time they are spending on your website clearly indicates what they think about your website and services. If they are abandoning your website without exploring it properly then there is something wrong. And you need to find and fix that thing.

Ways to Engage Visitors on Your Website:

The first step in this direction is to make a visitor engagement strategy. Because you do not want the users to just browse around and then leave without any result. Engaging your customers will definitely result in higher sales. There are several ways that you can use to make your site visitors stay for a longer period of time. And then they will be able to take the required action. 

How to Engage Customers on WordPress Website: Start with A Clean Design:

In the first few moments a user makes the decision whether he wants to stay on your website or wants to leave. This is a brief timeframe window, in which you have to convince them enough so they spend more time there and explore your website more. The most ideal approach to do that is by tidying up the design of your website. 

An uncluttered design is the first thing that leaves a good impression on the user. When they find that the website is easy to use and navigate then they are more likely to remain there. 

You have to place the most significant content at a spot where it can easily grab the user’s attention. The visitors should be able to get a rough idea of your business and what your website is about as soon as they land on your webpage. 

Keeping your website’s design clean and simple makes it simpler for users to take a look at it. If the user will have fewer things to take a look at they will be able to focus more and understand better.

How to Engage Customers on WordPress Website: Reduce Load Time: 

Nobody wants to spend their time while waiting for a website to load. If your website takes more than a second to load then chances are high that it will have a higher bounce rate. A website’s loading time plays an important role in building the whole user experience. So having a sluggish website is a complete no if you want a higher conversion rate. If you want to boost the user engagement on your website then you will have to work on speed optimization.

How to Engage Customers on WordPress Website: Make It Responsive

In today’s digital era people prefer to do most of the things on their mobiles. This is the reason why they like websites that are easy to browse on their mobiles or other devices too. It is very important to make the website responsive as it is the need of the hour. The websites that work really well on different devices are more likely to get higher rankings on search engines like Google etc. the simple reason for this is, these websites are according to the latest search algorithms.

How to Engage Customers on WordPress Website: Work on Content Readability

Websites that display content that is difficult to read are more likely to have a higher bounce rate. The content that you are going to display on your website should be simple yet informative. It should be according to the interest of your target audience. Find out what your users want you to talk about. Once you figure out that it will be easy to produce user engaging content. 

Along with the content quality you also have to focus on many other things. Make sure that you are using a font size large enough so that users can easily read what you have written on your webpage. But also do not make it too large that the user will have to do excessive scrolling in order to read it. Try to break the content in bullet points. Nobody likes to read large paragraphs. They prefer smaller chunks of content that are easy to read. Divide the content into multiple sections like heading, paragraphs, bullet points etc. And remember to keep enough white space.

Make Sure You Are Using High-Quality Images:

Images are the best way to display your content in an engaging way for your users. It is a fact that images grab a person’s attention more as compared to text. Try to put enough relevant images. This will not only make your website attractive but also grab your users’ attention. 

But when you choose images for your website always make sure that you are picking the ones that are high in quality. Nobody likes to browse a website that is full of blurry or distorted images.

How to Engage Customers on WordPress Website: Optimize the Images

Every good thing comes with a drawback and this case is no different. If you are thinking that only stuffing your website with relevant and high-quality images can guarantee higher user engagement on your website then you are probably wrong. Using so many images can also make your website slow. And as you know, a sluggish website is the last thing you will ever want. 

So always optimize the images before putting them on your website. A high-quality image will also have a high resolution. That image will be larger in pixel density and size. It is better to optimize every image. You can use any tool for this purpose. There are many options available. 

Make Your Website Interactive:

Making your website interactive is another way of attracting users on your website. And it makes them stay for a longer period of time. For this, you can try adding videos in some places on your website. Videos are one of the most effective ways to create an interactive website. This way you will be able to boost the user engagement on your website. And it will also increase the time a visitor spends on your website. Or you can add a quiz if the idea goes well with your business and website. 

Create Inner links:

For better SEO and higher ranking on search engines, each one of your website’s pages should have plenty of internal links. You can create links to those pages on which a user will not go otherwise. This solution is very effective in decreasing the overall bounce rate of your website. 

In WordPress websites internal linking is very easy to do. There is no need to add any plugin or purchase any tool for this. 

Add Gripping CTA: 

Giving a proper Call to Action is as important as any other step. This brings the user to you or lets the person know what is the next required step. When you succeed in making the comment or giving you a review then it will automatically drive them to conversion.

Make sure to place your CTAs strategically. Every page on your website needs to have a proper call to action at someplace where it will grab the visitors’ attention.

Create Gated Content:

Gated content is something that is accessible to the user only when he/she submits the email address. This content generally includes an in-depth description of something that your visitors might be interested in.

Add Testimonials:

People will trust you even more if you will let your satisfied customers tell them the story. Adding testimonials is an important step in this entire process. It is a must-have of any website’s visitor engagement strategy. 

Find Ways to Show Credibility:

When a user visits any website the first question that comes to his/her mind whether I should trust this website or not. Users need some convincing reasons to trust you and your website. For this you have to take a lot of steps. Always add photos of real people. They should not seem to be dummy ones. This way you can make your website appear more trustworthy. Adding bios and testimonials is also a part of this.

There are infinite ways to show your website’s credibility like linking to your social profiles. This helps you to have proof of your social existence. You can also try adding trust marks. For example, you can add secure site signs, BBB ratings, awards and certifications etc. 

Wrapping Up!

By now you must have realized that every website has an ultimate goal of achieving a higher conversion rate. Every website owner tries to convert as many of the site visitors into actual sales as possible. You have to try making your first move when they land on your website for the very first time. In the first few seconds a user makes the decision whether he/she wants to continue on that website or not. 

You can increase your conversion rate by increasing the dwell time of your users. In the above blog we have explained different ways and techniques that you can use to make them spend more time. 

Want to know how to start? Or have a lot of questions about it in your mind? If yes, then you can take some help from experienced WordPress professionals.

You do not have to worry if the need for any professional help arises. We are just a phone away from you. We have a large and dedicated team of WordPress experts who can help you with everything related to WordPress. If you have any queries about WordPress update services, WordPress security, etc. then also we can help. You can contact us on 1-866-332-O276. We are available 24×7. 

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