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Adding Google Forms To a WordPress Site Using a WordPress Support Plugin

Have you ever wondered that is there any way to engage the users of your website and get their feedback? If yes then we have the answer for you. Yes, you can do that with the help of Google Forms. You can embed Google form in WordPress websites without putting so much effort as well. This way you can have both; the ease of use of WordPress along with the efficiency of Google Forms. It helps you to make the best out of your website. You will be able to gather data from the visitors and then embed it with Google Drive. 

What is the Need to embed Google form in WordPress?

With the help of Google Forms WordPress, you will be able to create online surveys and quizzes without putting so much effort. You will also be able to create registration forms for your users. With Google Forms you also get real-time replies. The users will be able to insert media items as per the requirements. 

WordPress Google Forms comes with customization options and extremely powerful features.  When you integrate Google Forms with WordPress then you will be able to that same form on different websites. There is no need to create different forms for different websites. And you will get the replies from the users in one place. This makes the process of managing the data and feedback of your users much easier.

Contect information

Some of the most common uses of Google Forms are:

Why Add Google Forms to A Website?

There are many reasons that justify the need of adding Google Forms to a WordPress website.

  • With the help of Google Forms, you can take advantage of storage and sharing features of Google
  • You will not have to add any other plugin to your website. Adding multiple plugins can cause your website to load slowly. This way you can improve the performance of your website.
  • Google Forms gives you complete control over who is getting involved with your content. You can invite specific users to work on any given form. 
  • Using Google Forms can also help you in improving the overall presence of your brand and website both.

Add Google Form to WordPress Website With a Plugin:

Now you must be wondering how do I embed a google form in my website. If you do not want to dip your hands in the code for embedding the Google Forms to your website then you can use a plugin for this. There are many different options available for Google forms WordPress plugin to choose from. The best one of all of them is ‘Google Forms’.


The process of using this plugin involves multiple steps. Here we will explain each of those steps.

  • First of all, you have to log in to the WordPress admin panel.
  • Now click on the ‘Plugins’ option in the sidebar. 
  • You have to start searching for a plugin named ‘Google Forms’. 
  • Once the results appear on the screen, pick the right one and install this plugin.
  • After that, you have to go to Google Form and copy the URL.
  • Now go to plugins settings, and click on Add new Google form.
  • After doing so paste the copied URL in the Google form details. 
  • Now configure all the settings and click on the ‘publish’ button.

Here you have published your form. If you want to integrate the Google form in your post then you will have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the plugin and after that navigate to the Google form section. 
  • Here you will see the name of the forms and Shortcode for the form.
  • Now fill all the required field boxes. Do this while keeping the overall design and style of your website in mind. 
  • You can also change the text that will eventually appear in the confirmation page using this awesome WordPress support plugin.
  • Now, generate the shortcode by filling in the form completely.
  • Copy the shortcode and insert it in the new or existing post.

While entering the shortcode the mode needs to be selected as a visual editor. 

  • Now click on the publish button and your Google form is ready.

copy google form shortcode

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

This plugin helps you to embed Google Form to your website and your posts without putting so much effort. And if you are comfortable with the idea that everyone will be able to see your Google Form then it is an ideal option for you. Currently, this plugin is only compatible with Google Forms that are public.

This adds a little bit of functionality to your website. When you have someone submitting a Google form then they can be led to the WordPress page directly. There is no need of sending them to the default page of Google forms. This will save your time as the form is available on WordPress directly.

Wrapping Up!

If you are running a website and you want to know the opinion of your site visitors then using Google Forms is an easy way of doing it. With the help of Google forms, you can engage the visitors and also get their feedback. Now you must be wondering what is the easiest way to embed Google forms in WordPress websites. In the above blog, we have explained how you can add google forms to your website with the help of a plugin.

Do you want to know how to get started? Or have some other questions about it in your mind? If yes, then you can take some help from experienced WordPress professionals.

You do not have to worry if the need of any professional help arises. We are always there for you. We have a large and dedicated team of WordPress experts who can help you with everything related to WordPress. If you have any queries about WordPress Support, WordPress Installation, Landing pages, etc. then also we can help. You can contact us on 1-866-332-O276. We are available 24×7. 


Can you also share one Google Form on multiple websites?

Yes. Single Form can be used on different websites also.

Is it possible to accept payments also by integrating a google form on the website?

Yes. It is possible.

Can you easily embed Google forms to a WordPress website?

Yes, this can be done very easily.

What is the need of sharing a single form on multiple websites?

This way all form responses are stored at the same location.

Are Google Forms easy to share?

Yes, they are.

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