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Weebly SEO Plugin

If you have come here, we assume that you already have a great website and all you need now is to have people witness it! And for that, they need to be able to find it. Which means your partner now should be effective SEO. For all that you want to achieve when it comes to search engine rankings, your solution lies in Weebly. This tool with its many powerful SEO features can be useful and efficient. Here is our list of all that you can expect out of the Weebly SEO Plugin.

Search Engine Optimization can seem intimidating and scary to master. After all, it is the only way through which your website can crawl up on the rankings and you can get the customers, subscribers and the audience that you want to have to grow your brand.

In reality, if you have the right SEO tools, this can be a breezy task.

Google alone receives 63,000 searches per second every day.

82% of the marketers claim that improving SEO improves their organic presence, and is their top priority in marketing strategies.

Weebly SEO Plugin | Tips To Get Your SEO Game On!

Page Titles and Descriptions:

Weebly SEO Page Titles and Descriptions

  • For most of us, the first thing that SEO would mean is keywords. This is all about that.
  • When a user is writing the page titles and descriptions, it is important to see it from the point of view of the terms that people use to directly search for something.
  • If the right keywords are used, there is a chance that your website will appear on the first page itself and give you a great opportunity to directly influence your users.
  • When doing Weebly SEO, the option to write the titles and descriptions can be done in the same place where the permalinks are added.

Permalinks of The Page:

Weebly Permalinks

  • Weebly SEO as an activity can be made to achieve better results when the user pays extra attention to the permalinks.
  • Every page has a name which is used to aid navigation and create links for all the individual pages.
  • The links are kept to be very short and of the exact meaning that the user is intending to have. When the names are short, the supporting link ends up being precise and crisp as well.
  • Why have we given this point in the Weebly plugin for SEO section? It is because every link can be optimized for a better result in the rankings.
  • By using the right targeted words in the permalink, it is easier for Google to trace your page.
  • It is true that we used the exact same approach in the titles and the description, but when it comes to permalinks, they are equally effective. Which is why it is important to utilize every opportunity to rank higher on the rankings.
  • The user can utilize the permalink to reinforce the keywords that have been in the title and the descriptions. In fact, new keywords can be used that can aid the high ranking furthermore.
  • Even after all that we have highlighted, it is still essential to keep your permalinks to a maximum of 6 words.

Header and Footer Code:

weebly header code

  • When you enter your website’s backend, you can see the header and the footer box.
  • Now before this, we have discussed how important it is to add the keywords, everywhere you can. We will go opposite to that here and tell you to not adopt that strategy here.

Weebly Footer CODE

  • The header and the footer box really hurt your Weebly SEO if you add any content in it apart from the HTML or the JavaScript code.
  • Adding to that, there is something important that you can do on the header code. You can submit and verify your website with Google Search Console.

301 Redirects:

301 Redirects For SEO

  • When a website is being redirected from another host to Weebly, all the search engine history and the optimization that has been gained can be restored.
  • Weebly has a 301 Redirects feature that helps the user redirect all the traffic from your old host to the new.
  • In the SEO Settings on the options, you can enter the permalink of the old site on the new page. And then save.

After letting you know all that you need to know about effectively using Weebly SEO, here are some plugins that can be used to add functionality and increase traffic.

Weebly SEO Plugin | All the SEO Tools that You Need


moz tool

  • Moz is a Weebly SEO tool that can escalate the ranking and visibility of your website.
  • This Weebly SEO plugin has all you want for your SEO needs.
  • As a Weebly SEO plugin, it can audit all the website data to give you the best performing topics, writers and content types.
  • There are diagnostic SEO tools that can help you find the issues with the technicalities.
  • Moz supports Weebly and SEO as it can research keywords and see what value they hold.

Get It For: $99 per month

Google Search Console:

google search console

  • As this Search Console is provided by Google, it has added credibility.
  • Whereas, this tool is free and is accessible.
  • Google Search Console has increased usage for both Weebly and SEO as it can audit the website for errors and performance merit.
  • This Weebly SEO Plugin helps in providing alerts for gross errors and can assist you in dealing with security breaches on your website.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner:


  • If you are looking for a free Weebly SEO plugin, then Google has multiple free tools.
  • When it comes to AdWords, it can be used for researching keywords. You can search for them, see their competitiveness and other useful alternatives that can be functional.
  • Apart from that, the user can also get insights into the previous traffic and the upcoming forecast.
  • The only issue that we have seen with the tool, is that they might intentionally make it hard to understand the information around the keywords for the low spending accounts.
  • But there is no digital marketer who works around keywords without taking the aid of Google AdWords.

Site Booster:

Site Booster

  • If you go to the Weebly App Center, you can easily find Site Booster.
  • It helps drive traffic to your site by giving you visibility on the top search engines and directories.
  • The Weebly SEO Plugin can help you get a place in the directories and business listings like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Although, you can add Business Address and Google Maps using the Weebly SEO plugin.

Get It For: Free

Buzz Sumo:


  • Having the right knowledge of keywords in integral. But what is also necessary is knowing what performs the best.
  • This is exactly what the Buzz Sumo Weebly SEO Plugin does. It helps you analyze what content performs the most effectively across platforms and competitors.
  • You can find about the top influencers that have a say in your industry and all the news that you would need for your growth.

Get It For: $99 onwards per month.

Wrapping Up:

Weebly is an excellent website builder for creators who do not have a knowledge of coding. When it comes to an online presence, it is complete only with the right SEO.

However, this is why you nee all the above mention Weebly SEO tips or the integral Weebly plugin for SEO that can add value to your content.

WordPress too has an amazing array of SEO tools that can aid in the upward movement of the website’s online rankings.

Comment below about what ways do you prefer to do your SEO in? Let Us Know Below!

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