WordPress RSS Feed Errors- Step to fix it!

WordPress RSS feed not working

Are you using RSS feed on your WordPress website? If yes then do you face RSS feed errors very frequently on your website? WordPress RSS feed not working is a very common error that most users come across on their website. RSS feed is a web feed that helps you to post regular updates about your website’s blog and news section for the users. If you have used WordPress to create your website then one good thing is, you can easily add the RSS feeds to your website. They are published in the XML.

Even the smallest mistake made by you can cause some big issues and make the entire feed unreadable. When this happens, your users will have difficulty in finding the new updates in their news feeds. And it is not the only issue it causes. If there are some other applications also that rely on the RSS feed for the content updates then they will stop working as well. Here we are going to discuss a few common RSS Feed Errors and their possible solutions.

Common RSS Feed Errors:

If you see an error saying RSS feed not working then there can be an array of possible causes. Most of the time, these errors are caused because of the improper formatting being used. And as mentioned above the RSS feeds are published in XML. And in this markup language, you cannot make even the tiniest mistake. Even a small mistake can lead to an issue in your RSS Feed. The error message can vary from one browser to another. But no matter what it says, it will always imply the same thing.

How to Fix WordPress RSS feed not working Error?

There are different ways that you can use to fix the RSS feed errors on your website.

Manually Fixing RSS Feed Errors in WordPress:

The most common cause of error occurrence in the RSS feed of your website is improper formatting. There can be various reasons for this poor formatting. For example: if you left a blank space after closing PHP tag then it can cause the error.

If you have recently made some modifications to the existing code of your theme file pr child theme then the chances are high that you have made some mistake while writing the code. In order to fix this problem, the best idea is to check the code thoroughly. Generally, it fixes the p[roblme and you can get your website’s RSS feed back to normal.

Disable RSS Feed Related Plugins:

When you use a plugin for the purpose of modifying the RSS feed of your website or creating a new one then there are chances that the problem is being caused by that plugin. In this case, you will have to disable that plugin. If you are not sure about this then you can also disable all the plugins at once for a temporary period.

After doing this, you can check the RSS feed on your website. If the error is not there then it is simple that one of your plugins is causing this issue. In order to find the real culprit, reactivate those plugins one by one. And also keep checking the RSS feed after activating each plugin. This will help you to find out the faulty plugin. Once you find that plugin you can either contact the support services to get it fixed or use an alternative plugin that serves the same purpose.

Temporarily Switch to a Default Theme:

There can be times when this problem is caused because some poorly coded piece is present in the theme files of your website. This is very much likely to cause the error when the RSS feed stops working. In order to check if this is the main issue causing this error, you will have to switch to a default WordPress theme for a temporary period. To do this, you will have to navigate to Appearance > Themes. There can be a case when there is a default theme already present then you will only have to activate it.

If you have not installed a default WordPress theme on your website then to do this, you will have to click on the Add New button. From here you can install and activate it. Once you are done with the process of switching to the default theme, you can check if the RSS feed of your website is working or not. If you do not come across any error then it simply means you have found the issue and now it is not there. The theme of your website was the main culprit. In this case, you try the theme support to get this resolved or you can also consider moving to a completely new theme for the website.

Wrapping Up!

If you are using the RSS feed on your WordPress website then by now you must have realized that it has many benefits. But you can also come across a situation sometimes when the feed stops working. If it has happened with you then there is no doubt in saying how frustrating the situation can be. At this point, you must have started making searches like WordPress RSS feed not working. Here we have explained the common causes and possible solutions of this error.

If still your mind is full of queries related to the steps above then this is the case when the need for some expert help arises. At this point, you must have started wondering from where you can get the right help. There is no need to worry. You can contact us for all of your queries. Our team of WordPress Speed Experts will assist you in every possible way. You can give us a call on 1-866-332-O276. We work 24×7.


QA: What is a RSS feed?

Ans: It is a web feed that helps you to keep your users updated about the new content on your website.

QA: How can we publish an RSS feed?

Ans: To do this, you can use a feed management tool.

QA: Name a good feed management tool?

Ans: Feedburner is a good option.

QA: Is RSS feed important for content distribution?

Ans: Yes, it is important.

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