WordPress The Best CMS: 15+Compelling Reasons to Use It!

WordPress The Best CMS

It doesn’t matter if you wanted to start a business or have already started it; the website will be the main representation of the business in front of the audience that you target. Choosing a platform is one of the most challenging tasks and it is the most crucial decision for making the website. There are thousands of best free blogging platforms, but the difficulty often comes while making a choice between which platform and why to choose it. Before choosing the platform for making a website, some question arises like: how can you make a website cheaper, faster and durable? And which platform is best for you? The answer is- WORDPRESS CMS. 

But why should you use WordPress? What makes it wonderful? Isn’t the old site good enough for your business?

CMS helps in determining how well the website will run and according to experts, there’s one option which is a safe bet and fulfills every requirement of the user: WordPress. It is a free, open-source and best CMS right now with lots of features and customizable functions. Additionally, WordPress can develop any kind of website according to your niche; it ranges from small business to large enterprises.

If You’re not convinced. Read on!

We will provide reasons why you should consider WordPress CMS for making a website. Let’s check them out.

WordPress CMS– Best Free Blog Platform

1. WordPress Is Free And Open Source:

One of the biggest reasons why WordPress is used by 33% of all the websites is that the core platform is entirely free. This means you use it or check it out without paying and over the long term, with WordPress you use tons of free and low-cost themes, plugins and other tools that are essential to increase the functionality of the website.

It is free because it’s an open-source project. Open-source CMS comes with its own unique benefits. The platform is updated regularly, easy to customize and for WordPress, there’s a huge community which offers 24/7 support for your query. In short, if you choose WordPress for your website, you will get a flexible and time-tested solution which will not affect your budget. It is easy to set up, easy to update, easy to manage and easy to use CMS.

2. Beginner- Friendly CMS:

If you are new in making a website, then probably you won’t have experience with CMS. But it becomes easy to start with WordPress, even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about it. With WordPress, you won’t need any coding knowledge to create a functional website. With it, the admin dashboard is simple to understand and navigate, for writing content, customizing settings and downloading and installing plugins.

WordPress is favorable for advanced users too; it is hugely powerful and enables the user to customize every aspect of the website.

3. Themes And Plugins, Makes It Powerful And Flexible:

WordPress offers lots of key features to add functionality to the website. But many sites require more functionality. So, for this WordPress provides lots of themes and plugins options, these customized websites design and functionality. There are more than thousands of options available and most of them are free to use and affordable.

You can find niche-specific themes for your websites like if you want it for photography sites, e-commerce sites, and personal blogs. However, tools are available for any feature you want.  Like contact form or any forum.

You can also select official themes which are compatible for WordPress from WordPress.org

4. WordPress Advanced Security:

If you are running some blog or a large e-commerce website, the basic need is to secure the website. WordPress core is designed with security in mind, to protect the important data of the website. And with WordPress, the security updates are released regularly to solve the bugs, which will prevent the hackers or virus from attacking the website.

WordPress allows you to download security plugins to make the site safer. There are lots of free option which can help you to secure the website. One of them is WordFence Security. Most of the security breaches are a result of human error rather than the fault of the CMS. So, securing a website is a part of the maintenance of the website and it is important to secure the website for the growth of the business.

5. Improves Rank On Search Engines:

“WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” – Matt Cutts

WordPress is an SEO- friendly CMS, it offers a various function that helps in optimizing the website. If a WordPress user builds a website, then you want people to visit your website. And one of the best ways to do is to do effective SEO. WordPress is well-optimized for search engines. The speed of website and responsiveness are key to proper SEO. You can also check out Plugins to improve the SEO ranking. We will recommend Yoast SEO to improve and maintain the SEO ranking of the website on the search engines.

Google loves WordPress, because of the optimized content, responsiveness. And it is Mobile optimized too. WordPress CMS is compatible with across all the browsers.

6. WordPress Offers Best Support:

Creating a website with the help of an intuitive CMS like WordPress is a big job for a beginner. Whereas, for a beginner or a pro user sometimes WordPress instructions become difficult to understand or the function of WordPress become hard to manage. As we mentioned earlier, WordPress is a large community which provides every type of support regarding the WordPress issues.

Following are the ways to get support service from WordPress:

  • Official WordPress website WordPress.org and support forums.
  • Online tutorials and courses like some of them are on YouTube.
  • Support forums for themes and plugins.

7. Better Time Management:

With WordPress, you can improve productivity by managing the time better and make the growth of the website.

For example, with the help of WP Project Manager plugin, you can manage the project by assigning the users, track the project milestones and many more things related to the project.

8. Controlling Multiple Sites With Single Admin Panel:




Using WordPress for building website helps in controlling all the WordPress websites with a single, user-friendly control/ admin panel.

Single admin panel helps it easier for the user to upgrade plugins and security tool from a single admin panel.

9. WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types:


insert media


It is not just limited to writing.  WordPress also supports built-in media this means you can embed YouTube videos, social media photos like Instagram, Facebook and many more by just adding the URL in WordPress.

10. It Is Available In Multiple Language:

This WordPress CMS allows the user to create a multilingual website and it is available with around 70 different languages.




you just need to install polylang plugin or WPML or translate press to translate the WordPress website.

11. Sharing Post On Multiple Social Platform:

WordPress allows the user to share a blog on social media and with this, you can share a post on multiple Social platforms in one click.

Besides, WordPress provides a Yoast SEO plugin, which enables you to enter every required detail and you can publish it on multiple social media platform at the same time.



12. User-Friendly Backend

If we compare WordPress with other CMS like Wix, then the backend or the admin panel of WordPress is very user-friendly.


User-Friendly Backend

This means that you don’t have struggle a lot in managing content, posting content, blog publishing and every aspect of running a website easy. Thanks to the intuitive dashboard.

13. No Need Of Ftp And Html Editing

WordPress as a CMS does not require an FTP like FileZilla and HTML editing software to edit files on the website or for uploading images, file and many more.

14. Integration Of SSL Certificate

SSL is standard security that protects the data of the user. Such as online banking transactions, personal information and it also ensure security from hackers. It is also considered as a ranking factor by Google.


Really Simple SSL


WordPress provides plugin to easily set up SSL certification on the website in just-one-click.

15. It Enhances Content Workflow

WordPress makes sure that the work from initial draft to publishing flow seamlessly and streamline. And also helps in managing high- quality content.




You can also use a plugin like an Edit Flow for effortless Workflow which will produce great results.

16. It Ensures Filtering Of Duplicate Content

WordPress also allows you to manage duplicate content. It filters all the content, page title and many more in which the duplicate content can be an issue. Additionally, it protects the site’s ranking and makes the website SEO friendly.

You can also use plugins that help in finding and deleting the duplicate post on the website.


WordPress is the best CMS which you can choose to build any website and can rely on. From security to numerous plugins and themes, WordPress is best for all the website requirements.

Hence, if you were in confusing in using WordPress as your CMS, we hope this article helped you or has given you enough reasons to choose WordPress in making your website.

And if you have any query regarding WordPress you can contact our WordPress Support Services and you can also comment on the section given below.

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