WordPress Beginners Guide- 8 Essential WordPress Tips!

WordPress Beginners Guide

If you want to set up a website or want to write a blog you can go for the easiest and fastest way which is- WordPress. Chances are, you are figuring your way out.
After Starting a WordPress website, the problem, a beginner will face is most of the instructions or some processes are complicated for the user to understand. For this, in this blog, we will explore tips for you that will guide you through the process.

As a beginner in the WordPress World tips are necessary for you to work professionally in the WordPress community.

  • Sometimes updating plugins, themes and installing and updating WordPress itself is a tricky task. So, you will require some tips or guide which will assist you.
  • WordPress is a CMS and it is based on PHP & MySQL sometimes you will face issues regarding security and backup.
  • Sometime you will face the WordPress white screen of death.
  • To enjoy WordPress experience without any problem assistance is important for a beginner.

let’s say you meet someone and they say all the good things that you like. They are full of good talks and compliment. But something bothers you about them, their action doesn’t match what they talk. Then eventually you see who they are in real. So, it is not what people say, it is always what they do to make things work.

And it is the same in the case of WordPress website.

This is due to the fact that you just can’t talk about the awesomeness of WordPress and think it will work like that.

To see some results, you have to put some action or take some tips and to see good results you need to use all the tips or practices we compiled for you in this article.

WordPress beginners who follow these techniques will eventually see the success results faster.

Ever wondered what are the essential WordPress tips or tricks that you should consider before starting a WordPress website? In this article, we will share some essential tips which will help you use WordPress as a professional user do.


  1. Make The Content Library Easy To Find
  2. Add Images In The Blog You Will Publish
  3. Select Low Cost And Highly Customizable Theme

8 Helpful Tips for WordPress For Beginners

1. Make The Content Library Easy To Find


Suppose you own a library of Books and does it make sense to store books without any tags like what genre this book is and keeping different genre books together?

Of course not. Due to the unorganized compilation of books will lead to confusion in searching for the book you want.

In WordPress, the media library works in the same way as a book library does. By creating a single folder where you can place all the media will make it easy to find things. You just need to put the keywords and file will be available in no time.

To get your file from one folder, go to Settings & Media and uncheck “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”

2. Add Images In The Blog You Will Publish


Adding images makes the page attractive to read for the user. This also improves search engine ranking. Adding image gives you the opportunity to add keywords in the image title which will improve the SEO performances.

So, what are these image title?

The title or the given keyword you put on all images will appear when someone hovers over that image.

And if for some reason the image is unavailable then you the tagged text will appear in the place of the image.

All these image texts need to make sense.  If the image is about mountains, don’t just call it “mountain” give the detailed descriptions of the image.

3. Select Low Cost And Highly Customizable Theme


The first impression always catches the attention of the visitor and this is the reason we require high-quality themes and adaptive theme. Always select a theme which is compatible with mobile and other devices too. And it is because you generate website traffic from all the platforms.

Using free themes on WordPress looks great but most of them crash if we use it on another platform. So, according to top bloggers “Themes are the backbone of your website”.

Always use customizable themes and change as per your requirement. So, in short, choose themes that offer good options and not costly.

4. Make The Website Search Engine Friendly


SEO friendly websites mean you are giving all the required information on your website, which will help you increase the search engine ranking. If Google knows you more then it will rank you higher in the search engine.  It is like, if you trust a person you will more about him or her.

There are lots of Search engine optimization plugins which we can recommend you like Yoast, Google Keyword planner and many more.

Requirement of SEO:

  • One internal link is a must.
  • At least one outbound link.
  • Keyword should be in the recommended proportion.
  • Meta descriptions should contain page keywords.

5. Clean Up Your Permalinks


Every writer or blogger of WordPress creates content with hard work for the website, as a blogger you want Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find it. So, you can make it easy for them to reach you by using short “road signs” that will point to your information.

So, the question is HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

First of all, it will take time to learn SEO that’s why you can do one thing which is- using the built-in WordPress permalink field. And this is available at the top of the editing page, this will revise your links before you publish them.

Don’t stuff the article with keywords and eliminate unnecessary words. Always keep in mind to make the end result pleasant to read for a human.

Let’s take an example:


This will become


So, making small permalink with same meaning tells the search engines what the blog contains in a glance.

6. Use Analytics Tools


If you build your website just for fun then this not a point of concern for you. If you are looking to make the website as a source of income and a true business then Analytics tool plays an integral part.

Analytics tools help you to analyze where all the traffic is heading and which type of blog is getting the maximum number of visitors on the page. For this one of the important tools is Google analytics. So, once the website is live on the internet then connect it with Google analytics. As it is the best tool in the market to get the analytic report of the website.

You just need to install Google tag to see what the website’s users are doing like the demographic location and interest of the visitors.

7. Secure And Backup Data


Security is always a big concern when it comes to working online. And Back up all your sites data when you are developing it. Generally, what beginners do is avoid backing up data until the website is completely ready. It seems like a good option, but it isn’t. As there’s no guarantee that you will not lose any of your data or content. Attacked by virus anytime is also a matter of concern.

“Caring for the website’s data or security is more important than owning the website”.

You can also use any plugins or third-party that will help you fight the threat. A backup can also help you fight the virus by backing up data to the starting point and eliminate the virus attack.

8. Use Online Tutorials And Support Forums


As a beginner, the hunger for learning is on the peak. So, we suggest tutorials to the beginners and to the pro’s in WordPress. It is a secret weapon to win. There are many tutorials on WordPress by which you can understand every detailed working of WordPress. The tutorial will guide you through the difficult phases you will face while on WordPress.

The Internet provides so much information and there are lots of information provider. A great place is WordPress.org. WordPress.org provides lots of resources and it provides every single information from installing for the first time to making own plugins and themes.


Creating a website is not an easy task but maintaining the website is a challenge. As a beginner, you will be more careful and you will learn how to use the platform by which you can save yourself a lot of money and effort of coding too. We hope this article helps you and in the future, many tips will come the way while developing the WordPress website.  But the above discussed are the most essential for the beginners.

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