Drupal: The ideal software to create your website

Drupal The ideal software to create your website

Drupal is taken in the same family as WordPress and Joomla – That of CMS! Just as the latter is immensely famous, the former to have its share of loyal followers. When it comes to Drupal which hosts 424,997 websites. Which constitutes 3.52% of the market share.

If you are new to the CMS space and want to know what is Drupal and want a Drupal tutorial then we are here to help you.

Drupal is the CMS provider for the official websites of Tesla, Tourism Fiji, The Economist, Australian Government. Whole Foods Market. Pinterest Blog etc.

There are many reasons as to why it is considered so important. It is mainly considered to be a go-to platform for pros.  There is no bar in terms of what is the scope of what you can do with it, from blogs, e-commerce websites or personal websites. Let us begin into what is Drupal and how can it help you.

What Is Drupal?

It is a pretty comprehensive system available for a very specific developer environment who had outgrown simplistic WordPress functionalities. There are a variety of content types and is conducive to advanced users’ management.
Which not brings us to the next stage, that there is a need to know the computer languages of HTML, PHP, and CSS.
It is free to use CMS and has a wide variety of plugins. When it comes to comparing it with WordPress, they are only a few years apart from their point of inception.
We will now go to what are the main advantages of having your website on Drupal.

The official website defines itself as the “leading open-source CMS for ambitious digital experiences.”

What Is Drupal | The Advantages

Create Large and Intricate Websites:

It is a Free and open source coded. So, the main edge comes from the fact as it can support myriad content types like pages, forums, blogs, polls, and news, etc.
There are flexible taxonomies which lead to endless configurations. As the admin, you can manage who can share what type of content and their level of control over it.
If your website is in a phase where there is growth, then all you need is Drupal’s scalability. As and when your engagement and traffic increases, you can modify your website accordingly.
When it comes to creating multi-lingual content it is not a problem with Drupal. As all that needs to be done is that you just start creating. Being multi-lingual is already there in Drupal.

Active Community Support:

When it comes to active community support, Drupal wins the deal again.
When you are wondering about what is Drupal? There is a crucial point; There is a large online community that is proactive and can assist you in case of any queries that you may hold.
Again, as we said earlier there are definitive principles that make it certain that Drupal was created for developers. So, this active community is full of developers and programmers.
What are plugins in WordPress are modules in Drupal? With such an active community of developers at their disposal, Drupal is constantly receiving updates in terms of modules and other components.


The entire CMS space goes through an ardent fear of security.
The platform Drupal has an enterprise level security support. And has regular reporting which is the main reason as to why many of the governments are using it.

The websites made on Drupal are less prone to hacking. In fact, the ability to be able to create individual roles for the users accessing it makes sure that you are in safe hands.
Drupal developers are known to work tirelessly to make sure that the platform is kept patched up at all times.
As there are clear renditions as to the fact that the platform has been built for developers, there are limitless possibilities in terms of what all there is that can be done with it.
But this also brings us to the second issue, the cons that might be there of something that is so advanced and has such a vast scale of applications.

Here are some of the cons of the platform.

What is Drupal | Cons

When we are talking about what is Drupal, the second most important thing to discuss is what are the disadvantages of the platform.

Here are some of the disadvantages of the platform:


The CMS is complex in nature and involves a solid learning curve, to begin with. If you are a beginner, planning on building your website, then this is not the platform that you should be heading to.
If you are a casual developer too, you will need to read up and research a lot before you can actually get onto the building.
It is highly advanced in nature when it comes to the interface.

Time and Effort Intensive:

  • When there are things to learn, it is definitive that you will be taking a long time in getting acquainted with things.
  • Even when there are times to put in plugins (modules in this case) you cannot just add them with ease, there are chances that you will have to go back in search for them.
  • When there are themes that you want to use, there are chances that you will have to take the aid of a developer. All the themes are custom coded.

Performance Issues:

In case there are third-party modules that you are using, if you do not properly configure them, there are chances that you will be losing onto the speed.
Not just for yourself, but also for your users.
Drupal has spot-on module compatibility, now there are chances that you will be running multiple Drupal modules side by side. As there is the way through which you can quickly upgrade the Drupal modules.
In cases like that, you can face site speed issues.

What Is Drupal | Wrapping Up

Here are some of the many reasons that can help you understand why you need Drupal in your life. There are some set reasons as to why developers prefer Drupal website as there are so many things that they can do with it.
If you are a developer and want to build a website that is secure, code controlled and flexible to unlimited levels, then Drupal is the one for you.
Let us know in the comments section below if you understand what is Drupal. And you can also take a view on the related article given below.

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