10 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid | Explained and Fixed!

10 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

If you are getting organic traffic from the search engines, then you are in a fairly stable position. Your website’s performance, user credibility, and conversions are dependent on how you rank in your SEO skills and strategies. Which also means avoiding Common SEO Mistakes.

When we talk about errors that can occur at such a point, they can range from WordPress SEO Keywords to wrong metadata to inefficient optimization.

The first thing to know is that SEO can take time, it is a slow process. You need consistency at what your aim is and keep adding to it.  Once you are on the right track, sooner or later, you will be seeing results. Next comes the things you can easily avoid your path to what you desire to achieve.

In this article, we will help you take full charge of your website’s rankings. We will assist you in doing so by listing down the 10 most common SEO mistakes and their fixes.

Read on!

10 most common SEO mistakes and their fixes.

1) Keywords and Keywords!

The question here is that, do you want engagement that is there for you to gain out of, or just increased density of visitors?

The common SEO mistakes that people make is using the wrong keyword. Now we do not mean that your keyword had a low search volume, but that it was not meant for the audience that you were targeting. You could go wrong with 4 kinds of keywords:

  • Global Keywords
  • Generic Keywords
  • Broad Keywords
  • Random Keywords

To make it clear, all these keywords have a high search volume all they lack are strategies and aim. The first is where you use the keywords that apply to a universal audience, whereas you only have a local offering. The second is general keywords who bring in the traffic of audiences who are not interested in what you are offering.

Third, are the ones that have a lot of competition going on amongst the SEO experts to bid for, and you lose your space. Fourth, as the name suggests are keywords that might bring you visitors but not prospective customers.

2) Ignoring Analytics

You might have used all the high traffic words, but they not give you anything! Neither did you appear on the first page of search engines nor sales. The reason? You did not analyze things through.

  • There are times that you will use the low traffic phrases, and they not only make you reach the first page but also get you sales.
  • There are ways that you need to discover to optimize your whole website and see what works for you the best.

3) Every Link Has The Same Anchor Text

  • You must be optimizing your anchor text, but there is a common SEO mistake that you can make here.
  • That is using the same anchor text for every link. It not only looks shallow to the visitors but also confuses them, which can eventually end up hurting your rankings.
  • So what is required is for you to mix it up. Use the different versions of the same word.
  • The same keyword should not be used more than 50% in total.

4) Absent Anchor Text In Internal Links

  • We all know that interlinking adds to the ranking of your page.
  • But from an SEO-centric view, this is a waste till the time you have not tailored the anchor text.
  • Even when you are adding some call to action, you must add some keyword that supports your purpose, hence it will be of no purpose.

5) Content is Unworthy of Links

You might create the most noteworthy content, but it might not receive any links.

  • But to be able to make content that is worthy of links, you need to go that extra step. Like adding infographics, tutorials, and lists.
  • When there is an added edge to your content, there are more chances of collaborations and linking.

6) Take Advantage of Great Link Designs

  • We all love using a great theme to design our website.
  • When your website looks great, there are various design portals that can link your website as a review.
  • You need to take advantage of that kind of traffic.
  • The traffic from here comes to you in a spontaneous and organic form.

7) Not Accepting Content Is King

As the new Google guidelines go, if your content is not well-written, no matter what you do SEO wise, it will not get the traction that you aimed for.

  • After all, what SEO does, is that it brings the desired visitors onto your page, but if you do not have the quality content, they also leave the page promptly.
  • These are the reasons for which you need to focus on writing quality content.
  • It is only content that is unique and has value to the readers that they give you credibility.
  • A common SEO mistake is that we forget to add to the readers with the content that we are bringing forth and limit ourselves to SEO strategies.

8) Link Quantity > Link Quality

  • Coming back to links, there is no SEO guide that says that you need to add more quantity of links when you are compromising on the quality.
  • When adding links there are some things that you need to keep in mind, the first being are they relevant to your website, are you adding a lot of outgoing links and lastly are they spammy links.
  • It is best advised to stay away from links that propagate adult, gambling and medical links.

9) Missing Local Search Optimization

  • When you are focusing on search in a certain are, it is important to center your search in a localized manner.
  • It is important to add local and region-specific keywords in that case in your meta descriptions.
  • It is important to list yourself on locally based sites and other geo-specific websites such as Google, Yelp. FourSquare etc.

10) Missing out on Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

  • It is a criminal error to have your website name as the title for every page on your site.
  • Unique titles are required not only for the  SEO purposes but also for how it makes a difference when it comes to your visitor’s approach to your content.
  • A descriptive, precise and to-the-point title, helps the visitor with a much-enhanced user-experience.

Summing It Up!

To sum it up, it is important to see how SEO is important in giving you the desired revenue and visibility with your website. But there are several common SEO mistakes that can hamper you from reaching where you want to if ignored.

The article was to help you understand their root and their easy fixes.

We hope that now you can find your way through these Common SEO Mistakes easily. If you found them useful, let us know in the comments section below.

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