Checklist: 10 things to do before switching your WordPress site theme

Checklist 10 things to do before switching your WordPress site theme

If you are a user of WordPress then there is no doubt that you are aware of the Plugins and Themes as well. You might have downloaded and installed the latest one for your system. But if you still haven’t then you need to do it right now. There is no wrong or right time in business if you want to grow then do it now. You can ask help from WordPress theme and support if you are stuck somewhere.

It is very easy to install and update the theme in WordPress but many people don’t take advantage of this option. However, it is not only about a few clicks but something bigger. The WordPress provides you with a checklist that will make it easy for you to install the theme but make sure to do it before. This checklist will make your theme update as smooth as possible.

Take notes

There are times when you need to do a depth search to make find a perfect solution to it all. In returns, they receive few snippets that made few things easy for them. The changes are made by the people manually with the help of some file such as functions.php.

These types of changes are only done once in a while and sometimes people forget about them later on. It is always better to go through all the theme that you already have installed in your site before moving forward.


Make sure that your theme is widget ready to use. The addition of the sidebar widget is the most useful one that is coming into use for many reasons to customize the website. There are many people that have probably customized with any texts, images, advertisements, links and other widgets. The theme allows the users to get it done at a faster pace. Hence, it is essential for a site to be widget ready.


There are many types of analytics jobs that are used by bloggers or business associates. However, there are many that don’t even use plugin options to track the codes. Some of them use a footer.php file to modify the codes. While others place AdSense code on the spot. No matter what option you are using, you must keep following the tracking code to get a new theme. Many people forget it because it is way too simple.


If you want to be stress-free then the backup is your life savior. You will have nothing to lose if you have backed up a file to ensure security. It is a measure that you take in case of an unpredicted situation. You can back up your theme, files, database, etc. to be safe.

Maintenance Mode

Well, this is the point where you can even ask help from WordPress helpdesk or you can do it yourself. Make sure that your users are not seeing you changing anything as it might make a broken site. You can start the maintenance mode in every few minutes to ensure that it is working properly without being an obstacle to any task. Once your maintenance mode is on then you can install a theme blindly.

Plugins and its functionalities

Have you installed a new theme? Is it activated yet? Well, amazing! Now you need to see that all the plugins functionalities are working or not. You created a list in the first step that showed all the themes and functions installed in your site, now is the time to use them. You can bring any feature from the old theme to your new one.

It is essential to try out all the features of the theme to ensure that they are working properly. You can try old features, new features but don’t limit yourself to 404 pages, side post pages, or contact page. Keep exploring the options that you have to get the maximum benefit out of it. The widgets are there to help you out with only so don’t worry about it at all.

Browser compatibility

There is so many web browser that is used by the top companies. However, it is essential to test on each and every browser that your website is working or not. The browser rendering things differently from each and other and especially internet explorer. So, you need to check that the designs are up to date for all the browser and the functions are also covered. No browser is breaking off the tendency of your site and the audience is able to access all the features of your site.

Third part items

Any advertisement company or Google AdSense will allow a user to format the features then use them in a much better way by customizing it. Whether, it is a widget for Facebook, Twitter, or any other button. You can adjust the color theme as well. If you are using a dark theme then make it light as per your wish or any changes that you want to make in your site.


You must let your user know in a quick blog post and switch off your maintenance mode. It will only take 15 minutes on top to check on the essential things but it is possible to miss out a few bugs. If your users know then they can inform you about some bug that they faced while on your site. It can be done on the social media website as a quick post will reach maximum people then you can change the things that will make it user-friendly.

Baby steps matter a lot

The first step of a baby doesn’t determine the results but it starts a journey. Same goes with your site, you need to take small steps to ensure that you are moving forward in the right direction. When you are comfortable then you can move on to the bigger steps.

The essential point is to learn how to structure it and how to use semantics the themes to go to something big and better. This will allow you to look out for the bugs, detect them and solve them at a steady pace. You will reach at the end point with better accuracy.


Before launching a website or even updating it, you don’t have to rush into things as it will take some time. However, you will be able to reach it at one point of time or the other. You need to make sure that you are moving forward. It is possible that you are not better than your competitor but it is fine. Things will take time but you will be able to reach the goals in a more efficient and ideal way.

You can even use Search engine optimization services to make things easier for you and grab more traffic to your site. This will able make you see if you are lacking somewhere or not. They will let you know the points that you must follow to make your site more reliable.

The end point is that you need to be careful with what you are doing and what you are planning to do. If your motive is clear then it won’t be tough for you to get started with work.

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