What are the 10 Best WooCommerce Plugins in 2021?

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins

Have you just finished setting up an online store and want to start selling immediately? In such a scenario, WooCommerce is something that helps you to achieve your sales goals. But in order to run your online store more efficiently, you will need more than WooCommerce. As it does not have all the features that are required to meet your goals. This is when WooCommerce Plugins come into the picture. If you are wondering what are some best WooCommerce plugins or best free WooCommerce plugins then do not worry. Here we are going to compile a list of the ten best plugins.

Following are some Best WooCommerce Plugins used by our team for business purpose:

  1. OptinMonster

This is a lead generation tool that you can use with your WooCommerce website. This plugin works on a drag and drops approach and you can create amazing WooCommrece pop-ups with this. If you are looking for a way to grow your email list and improve sales significantly then it is a go-to option for you. With so many features that come with this plugin, you can open endless opportunities for your business. The integration of this plugin with WooCommerce is also seamless. No matter which email marketing service you are using, it is compatible with almost all of them.


2. WP Mail SMTP:

Are you looking for a way to use an SMTP service provider to send the emails on your WooCommerce website? If yes then WP Mail SMTP is a great choice for you. When you create an online store with WooCommerce, you will have to send so many emails for different actions. These emails will be sent to store owners and customers. For this, you will need the PHP mail() function. If your hosting provider does not have the PHP mail() function setup, you can use an SMTP service provider for this. This way you can make sure that your emails are getting delivered to the inboxes and do not land in the spam folder.

3. ReferralCandy:

With every Woocommerce website, there will be a need to set up and manage a referral program. This helps you maintain the existing customers and also achieve new ones. By setting up a referral program, you can offer your loyal customers with rewards in different forms like cash, discounts, wallet credits, etc. for recommending your website to their friends. This is a proven way to achieve new customers in no time. ReferralCandy is a plugin that helps you to do so very easily. 

4. TrustPulse:

No matter what type of website you have, one of your main goals is to build trust with your customers. Wondering how to do that for your WooCommerce website? TrustPulse is a plugin that you can use for that. Basically, it is a social proof plugin. When a user is on your website, this plugin will give him/her a notification about the activity of other real-time users on your website. These real activity notifications can increase your site conversions by up to 15%.

5. WooCommerce Waitlist:

In every business, it is the most important thing to keep a track of the inventory. Do you want to keep a track of out of stock items? You can use the WooCommerce Waitlist plugin for that. This plugin also helps you to send emails when those items are back in stock. This way you can keep your users informed about the products they have shown their interest in. Thye does not have to keep coming on your website and checking for a specific product again and again. They will simply get a notification when the product is available again. 

6. Booster:

Plugins are a very good option for adding some extra functionality to your website but at the same time using a lot of them can also cause some problems. So it is always a good idea to use as few plugins as you could without compromising your functionality. This is when the Booster plugin comes into the picture. This single plugin consists of 100 modules that you can use to carry out different tasks like PDF invoicing, customizing WooCommerce breadcrumbs, etc.

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7. Beeketing:

Do you want a WooCommerce to upsell and cross-selling plugin? If yes then Beketing can be your go-to option. Basically, it is a marketing automation platform. With this plugin, you can easily optimize the conversion rates and also increase the average order value. This will also help you to boost your overall sales.

8. MonsterInsights:

In order to improve the performance of your website, you should always keep a track of its insights like conversion rate, transactions, revenue, etc. This data tells you the exact situation of your WooCommerce website. So that you can set goals and plan out a strategy to achieve them. 

9. WooCommerce Customizer:

If you are looking for a way to get more adjustable settings in your WooCommerce website then WooCommerce Customizer is the option you should go for. WooCommerce offers a lot of customization options but in order to use them, you will have to write custom code. With this plugin, there is no need for that custom code. And you can have as many adjustable options as you want.


10. WooCommerce Multilingual:

Do you want to offer your users a great experience for changing the language of the website? If yes then you should use the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin. This actually combines the popular WPML plugin with WooCommerce to do so. And this way you can make sure that every part of your website is being displayed in the right language.

WooCommerce Multilingual

Wrapping Up!

Have you just created an online store using WooCommerce? If yes then you must have an idea that WooCommerce comes with a lot of functionality. But if you want to add some extra features then you will need to install plugins. Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best WooCommerce plugins that you can use.

After reading this detailed overview, the possibility is also high that everything must have got clear in your mind. But still, there can be instances when you have some doubts about it. If such a thing happens, you can also get the solution for your issues by contacting us. For this, you can call us so that we will support you. We are also working round the clock. 

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