What is Web Hosting & The Best Web Host Provider Available for Your WordPress site?

What is Web Hosting

The process of creating a website involves a lot of different steps. And choosing the right web hosting for your website is the most important step. If you have started wondering what web hosting is then do not worry. Here is your answer. Web hosting will take your website or web page live over the internet. Using a hosting for your website you make sure that it is viewed on the Internet. Every website that exists is on servers. When someone makes a request for your website by typing the web address in the browser, these servers display the result. There are two types of hostings: free WordPress hosting and paid WordPress hosting. 

Here we are going to explain almost everything about web hosting. And you will also get to know the process of picking the right web hosting for your website. There is no need to make Google searches like: free web hosting WordPress, Free WordPress hosting sites, free hosting sites for WordPress, WordPress free hosting sites, or free web hosting WordPress.

For your convenience, we will also recommend a few good free hosting providers.

A Detailed Overview of free WordPress hosting:

Web hosting and WordPress hosting are two different words but actually, they are not so different. WordPress hosting works in a way that it fulfills all the performance and security requirements of WordPress. This hosting also comes with a one-click WordPress install already. This way you can easily start your WordPress website. There are also a few hosting providers that automatically update your WordPress whenever required. 

There are two different types of WordPress hosting: shared hosting and managed hosting.

Shared Web Hosting:

This is the inexpensive one out of these two options. In this hosting, your website is present on a server that some other website will also share. This does not mean that using a shared web hosting will make your website sluggish. Shared servers also focus on performance. Along with this, shared hosting also comes with a one-click WordPress installer. And a few web hosting providers also provide the option of pre-installing WordPress. The list of offered features does not end here. Some hosting providers will also upgrade the WordPress automatically. 

Managed Web hosting:

Although shared web hosting fulfills all the basic requirements of a WordPress website but if you are looking for some more features than managed web hosting is your go-to option. Here are a few reasons why you should use managed web hosting.

  • High Speed: Managed web hosting comes with much better hardware specifications. And this undoubtedly guarantees a high-speed WordPress website. 
  • Server-side caching: In order to make a website load faster almost everyone uses caching. Generally, users take the help of a plugin to manage to cache but in this web hosting this task will be taken care of. And you will not have to do anything. 
  • Security: With this hosting, you also get WordPress-specific firewalls. Along with this, you can also perform regular malware scans. All these things ensure that you run a website that is completely secured. 
  • Staging sites: With managed web hosting you also get access to staging websites. This way you can test the changes you make to the website before making them live. 

Recommended Web Hosting Providers (Best Free Web Hosting for WordPress): 


It is one of the most popular and oldest hosting providers. It was introduced in 1996. Bluehost is an official WordPress recommended web host provider. With this, you will be able to run a lightning-fast website. Your website will not become slow even when there is high traffic. They also provide around the clock support. If you ever get stuck somewhere you can get expert assistance. 


SiteGround is an extremely popular option of web hosting providers for WordPress websites. And the simple reason behind this is, it comes with in-house WordPress speed and security solutions. This ensures that you run a secure and high speed website. And the best thing about them is their constant 24/7 support. Siteground offers a lot of amazing features including automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, CDN and one-click staging etc. 


HostGator is always your go-to option if you are looking for a web hosting provider with some advanced options. More than 8 million websites are currently hosted on Hostgator. It also provides one-click WordPress installation. It is one of the best web hosting services to create business websites. They also provide free domain names and SSL certificates.


DreamHost is an extremely popular web hosting provider. With this you get a custom dashboard, one-click WordPress install, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and free SSDs. Currently more than 600,000 WordPress websites are hosted on Dreamhost. With this, you do not have to pay any kind of set up fees. And you will also get a free domain name for your website.

Wrapping Up!

To create a digital presence of your business, building a website is the first thing that comes to your mind. The process of creating a website is a lengthy one. It consists of a lot of different steps. And choosing web hosting is one of the very first steps. There are both free and paid web hosting options available. In the above article, we have explained everything about free WordPress hosting and paid hosting. 

At this point, you must have got a clear understanding of a lot of different things. But at the same time, you must be having a lot of questions in mind about this. If this is the case then you should consider taking some expert help from WordPress professionals. Do not worry if you are confused about where to get help from. All you have to do is, give us a call. We are available 24×7 Security on 1-866-332-O276


Name a few good web hosting providers?

Siteground, Hostgator, Dreamhost, and Bluehost.

What are the two types of web hosting providers?

Shared web hosting and managed web hosting.

Which web hosting is relatively inexpensive?

Shared web hosting is relatively cheaper.

Do we get staging websites in managed web hosting?


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