All The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress and Tools You Need

All The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Everyone wants space in the most premium real estate when it comes to buying a house. Somewhat the same thing happens when we get our website online. We strive for the highest ranking on search engines.  But how does that happen? There is SEO to get you covered on that end, my friend! And today we will talk about the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

SEO is important for a business’ visibility. It brings you traffic, gets you credibility and gives unmatched insight into your customers.
Getting a high ranking in searches means organic growth, and that continues to remain the most stable way to get noticed online.

All WordPress websites support optimization and for that, they have dedicated plugins that can help you get your spot on the web!

Let us see the best SEO plugins of 2019 to get your SEO rankings soaring in 2019.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress and Tools Compared | Features, Ratings, Pricing.

Any marketing strategy for your business will remain incomplete without SEO.

Here are some of the leading WordPress SEO plugins in 2019:

1) WordPress SEO by Yoast

Downloads: Over 135 Million
Payment Plans: Free/Premium Version ($89 for one site)
WordPress Rating: 4.9

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress.
This WordPress SEO plugin aims to be the one-stop solution to all your SEO needs.

Here are some of the features of Yoast:

  • Keyword optimization is not just for one focus keyword, but also for the key phrases and related keywords.
  • They keep content updated and let the user know of any outdated content every 6 months.
  • You can preview the appearance of your content before publishing.
  • They also assess the readability of your content using the Flesch Reading Ease Score, and also highlight
      the parts where the potential alterations can be made.
  • Yoast makes sure to not confuse Google with duplicate content and provides appropriate URLs.
  • Yoast SEO supports both the WordPress Editors, Gutenberg as well as Classic.
  • The plugin goes through regular updates when it comes to Google’s then current algorithm.
  • The plugin also provides suggestions to the author about the potential interlinking.

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2) SEMrush

Downloads: Over 3,823,000 Million
Payment Plans: $99.95-$399.95 per month

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SEMrush is a tool commonly used by pros to derive the analytics of competitor websites to help with the strategies of their own SEO.

Here are some features of one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress :

  • The user can see their competitors’ best keywords and discover new competitors.
  • With SEMrush one can observe the position changes of domains.
  • Not just keywords, the user can also analyze their competitor’s ad budgets and keywords.
  • The plugin also supports the localization of ad campaigns.
  • With SEMrush, the user can find the right keywords and gather phrase matches for them.
  • The WordPress SEO plugin also supports Product Listing Ads.
  • The plugin gathers all the data and sends it across as a PDF report.

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3) Google Keyword Planner

Pricing Plan: Free

Google Keyword Planner

If there is someone who knows what people are looking for, it is Google! And when they give you keyword ideas, it is surely helpful.

  •  It is a free tool and anyone can use it. The purpose is to show advertisers that they can bid on particular keywords for advertising.
  •  The tool shows an estimate of the search volume, the number of search results and the level of difficulty.
  •  The tool can be used to understand the potential advertiser interest and keywords where your WordPress website can ace others.

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4) All In One SEO  Pack

Downloads: Over 50,000,000
Pricing Plan: $68-$559
WordPress Rating 4.5

All In One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is considered the closest competitor of Yoast.  It has multiple versions starting from pro to their agency pack.

Here are some of the features of one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress:

  •  The plugin is a complete SEO backend tool.
  •  The premium version comes with reliable customer support and forums.
  •  It also has advanced WooCommerce support.
  •  The meta tags are generated automatically and are open to editing as and when required.
  • The plugin can be used in 57 languages and thus has very wide applicability.
  •  The major difference between this and Yoast SEO is that all the features are present on a single interface. So, if that is what you are looking for, then this is the option for you.
  •  When it comes to pricing many people find Yoast more affordable. But that is generally the case with one website, if you are an agency, then the All-in-One SEO Pack is a more economical option.

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5) The SEO Framework

Downloads: Over 90,000
Pricing Plan: Free / $299 (Premium Version)
WordPress Rating: 4.8 Stars

The SEO Framework

Some of the features of the SEO Framework Include:

  •  Local SEO
  •  A seamless AMP Integration.
  •  The plugin is all-inclusive and it includes more functionality with extensions.
  •  The Plug-in is AI integrated.
  •  SEO Framework includes exceptional plugin support.
  •  There is a clean and seamless interface.
  •  It automatically supports twitter card protocols and open graphs.
  •  The interface is perfect for beginners.
  •  There is a comment spamming session that eliminates the need for an added plugin.
  •  There is little setup required after the installation.

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6) SEOPress

Downloads: 40,000+
Pricing Plan: Free/ $39
WordPress Rating: 4.9 Stars


Many people call this ‘Freemium’. Which means being free with all the features of a premium plugin.
There are no footprints even in the free version.

There are many great features in this WordPress SEO Plugin like:

  •  There are no ads.
  •  You can add Google Analytics tracking to your website in seconds.
  •  There are convenient and easy Twitter mega tags and Facebook open graph data.
  •  There are redirections and 404 monitoring.
  •  The SEO Press comes with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads optimization.
  •  This WordPress SEO plugin comes with breadcrumbs optimized for SEO and accessibility.
  •  You can see your Google Analytics stats on your WordPress dashboard.

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7) Rank Math

Downloads: Over 30,000
Pricing Plan:
WordPress Ratings: 4.9

Rank Math

This is a high ranking plugin and has everything in one component. This WordPress SEO Plugin combines the advantages of all the other plugins to make a light and easy to use an alternative.

Some of the advantages are:

  •  It is a one-stop center for all your SEO needs.
  •  There are 40 analyzing factors that each of the posts goes through.
  •  There is an automatic prompt to insert alt or title tags in images that would be without them.
  •  A very essential addition is the 404 monitor; wherever a user sees an error is now easily trackable.
  •  The WordPress SEO plugin comes with an XML Sitemap. The plugin pings search engines of any changes that are made in the posts.
  •  There are 6 different kinds of snippets like Article, Product, Recipes, Events, Video, Local Business, etc.
     Rank Math supports Open Graph and Twitter Card.

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8) SEO Squirrly

Downloads: More than 20,000+
Pricing Plan: Free/ $71.99 per month
WordPress Rating: 4.5

SEO Squirrly

This plugin works for beginner users who want to dip their hands early. This WordPress SEO plugin has complete SEO support without any complication. It works differently from the other products we have discussed. As a writer, you begin with your article topic and punching in your desired keyword. There are a series of green lights that are activated in real time.

There are many advantages of the plugin:

  • It is a time-saving plugin.
  • Keyword optimization is done alongside the writing process.
  • You can see your competitor and outrank them using the tools present in the plugin.
  • There is a formal report generation with a plugin that can be shared easily.
  • The plugin works on a real-time basis. A user can check their progress on a weekly basis as the app shows the weeks recent tweets on your topic.

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9) Broken Link Checker

Downloads: Over 700,000+
Pricing Plan: Personal $10- Enterprise $160
WordPress Rating: 4 stars

Broken Link Checker

This plugin takes SEO beyond finding the right keywords and punching them. This one is about finding all the broken links and fixing them.

These are the features and advantages of  one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress:

  •  Broken Link Checker links your posts, pages, comments, and the blogroll.
  •  It detects links that do not work or are missing images and redirects them.
  •  All the notifications are sent real time by email or dashboard.
  •  The plugin makes discovering broken links easier by displaying them distinctly.
  •  The posts need not to be edited manually; their links can be changed manually from the plugin itself.
  •  There is an additional provision to prevent the search engines to follow the broken links.

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10) All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Downloads: Over 90,000+
Pricing Plan: Free/ $79/ $249
WordPress Rating: 4 Stars

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

We have all liked urls with visuals. These could have ‘star ratings’, ‘images’ and ‘author faces’ etc. We all know that anything visual grabs better attention.
This WordPress SEO plugin does the job when it comes to a visual structure for the users.

Here are some unique features of one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress:

  • With this, your search engine results are limited to the most important elements. Be it photos to rating to avatars.
  • There is support for a lot of different kinds of content. You can see events, ratings, product, etc. All on the search engine.
  • This plugin has a wide application for eCommerce products and blog posts.
  • The search results are better at their sharing abilities on social media pages.

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Wrapping Up:

Plugins can be considered to be WordPress’ power of infinite functionality. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with your website with the right plugins. SEO is considered to be the backbone of your website’s online presence and proper attention to it is necessary.

But when plugins come together with appropriate SEO, your website has the ability to reach newer heights.

All the WordPress SEO tools and plugins that have been mentioned have kept different kinds of users in mind. No matter what your requirement of SEO is, and what you want out of your website, one or more of these plugins are sure to have you covered.

For us, these were some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, how about you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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