30 Best Free WordPress Themes – 2019 Edition

30 Best Free WordPress Themes – 2019 Edition

If you are looking for the best free WordPress themes 2019 that resonates with your style, sensibility, business, and needs, then this article is for you my friend.

WordPress has over 11,000 themes in its directory. For now, we will concentrate on the free ones.

The three most popular WordPress themes have 17% of the total market share.

Theme developers in WordPress create and innovate using very high standards. The free themes are robust, highly customizable and complete with a number of features. Each of these themes has a number of powerful elements.

Let us look at our list of the 30 best free WordPress themes 2019. 

There is something for everyone!

30 best free WordPress themes 2019 Compared | Features, Popularity, Flexibility

Great Mag

USP: Sleek, full of widgets, social media buttons

best free WordPress themes 2019

  • This theme is great for users who want to make a virtual magazine irrespective of the industry it is based in.
  • It is full of widgets and can add additional functionality to the website.
  • It is a visually focused theme and is full of images that have been scattered across its UI.
  • There are social media buttons and dedicated space for advertising that can be made use.
  • This aesthetically clean theme comes with translation ready elements.
  • There are news ticker elements that have been provided as well.

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News Mag-Lite

USP: Clean interface, social media buttons, and google maps

News Mag lite Free WordPress Theme

  • This is a magazine or newspaper like a clean and structured theme.
  • The theme comes with the ability to support banner ads.
  • The menus are fully customizable as they are broken down with widgets.
  • It works on all mobile devices.
  • The theme is built using Twitter Bootstrap 3.
  • The front page is supported by block styles, banners, and sliders.
  • Google Maps can be integrated into the contact form.
  • The theme comes with social media buttons.

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USP: Responsive, Localization Support

hueman Free WordPress Theme

  • Hueman as a theme has a wide industrial application.
  • The theme has complete localization support when it comes to social media integration and translation of content.
  • There are ten post formats to add variety to the user’s website.
  • The header and footer have been designed in a way to support numerous widgets.

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Shop Isle

USP: Responsive, localization files, woo-commerce integration, full-screen header

best free WordPress themes 2019

  • Localization files have been included in the theme.
  • High-Resolution images can be uploaded with text and buttons on top of them for more user engagement.
  • The user is free to insert multiple widgets to show popular products first.
  • The theme can be upgraded to premium features.

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Color Mag

USP: Simple, flexible, social buttons, woo-commerce integrated

best free WordPress themes 2019

  • This theme is suitable for a web-based magazine.
  • There are spots that can be used to run your own ads so as to generate revenue eventually.
  • The theme integrates with every imaginable WordPress plugin, so something like WooCommerce can greatly increase the scope to all that you can do with your website.
  • Majority of the homepage is built with widgets and is easier to customize around.
  • There are custom colors and headers.
  • The theme is a hit with both developers and beginners as it is fully customizable for the former and easy to get around with for the latter.

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USP: Customizable, Multilingual, Integrates with WooCommerce

AIRI Free WordPress Theme

  • New in the space of themes, Airi has a clean white background that makes the content stand out and pop.
  • Their header area is complete with a full-length banner, that can be used to place essential content and call to action buttons.
  • The theme supports a complete integration with WooCommerce, so your website can later be used as an e-commerce platform,
  • The theme also integrates with Elementor, so the intuitive drag-and-drop feature can help you create attractive layouts and designs according to your needs.
  • The theme comes with a Live Customizer, so basic tweaking like colors and fonts can be adjusted easily.
  • The responsive theme is multilingual.

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USP: Author Support, Fast Loading, Customizable

neve Free WordPress Theme

  • This theme comes with mega menus and the user can organize their navigation layout easily.
  • The theme can be fully integrated with page builders like Divi, Elementor and Site Originator.
  • The theme is of clean and simple aesthetics and makes the content stand out.
  • The USP of the theme is that it comes with help documentation and set up tutorials. There is support from the author. 
  • The theme is fully customizable and has been optimized to load fast.

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USP: Attractive header, multiple buttons

talon Free WordPress Theme

  • As a free theme, Talon comes with an attractive UI.
  • The header takes a majority of the screen space and can be used as a static image or as a slider.
  • There can be text overlay on the images.
  • There are plenty of buttons provided through the theme, so the user will not have to rush to third-party sources and complex coding to get them on their website.
  • There is a meet the team module that lets you link your teams introduction and social media profiles on the homepage itself.
  • The theme can be integrated with page builders.

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USP: GDPR Ready, several demos

zakra Free WordPress Theme

  • The Zakra theme is modern and responsive and can be customized for many industries.
  • There are several demos present and they can range from being fit for a number of industries from blogging, construction, education, and e-commerce.
  • The theme has 7 widget areas, many layout options and a number of typography variations to choose from.
  • The theme supports the Elementor page builder and is GDPR ready.
  • There is an attractive header area, stylish counters and the ability to showcase logos and team members.

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USP: Woo-commerce integration, mega menus, and translation tools

hestia Free WordPress Theme

  • This theme has all the features that you would expect from a paid one.
  • There is a wonderful slider area on the banner, as well as dedicated space for case studies and testimonials.
  • It is fully integrated with woo-commerce and thus can be used for users who want product listings.
  • It can be integrated with page builders and thus is customizable.
  • There is a one-click installation and it comes with beautiful mega menus. The user can add a personalized touch by adding testimonials and case studies.
  • It comes with a great mobile interface.
  • There are translation tools that have been provided with the theme.
  • There are custom background settings.

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USP: Built-in page builder, premium features, built-in call to action widget

Flash Free WordPress Theme

  • It is modern, responsive and flexible.
  • There is a built-in page builder that can be of advantage to users who are not well-versed with coding.
  • There are a built-in flash toolkit-plugin and over 6 widget areas with 11 custom widgets.
  • The About Page on a theme is ready and just requires filling in of the information.
  • There is a services widget that uses icons and images to define the services of your company.
  • There is a full filterable portfolio for showcasing previous work.
  • There is woo- commerce support and social buttons.
  • The header area can be used either as a static image or a slider.

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USP: Woo-Commerce integration, business elements, custom widgets, support translation

  • There are endless layout options with the theme.
  • There are a full-length header image and an already provided call to action button on it.
  • The theme is translation supporting.
  • There are widgets that can be used to introduce your team and talk about your services by adding icons and images.

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USP: Front Page Block, Translation Supportive, Unlimited Google Fonts, Branding Environment

sydney Free WordPress Theme

  • This theme has unlimited options for customizations and is complete with logo uploads and sticky navigations.
  • There are over 600 Google Fonts that can be used to variate typography.
  • There are page blocks on the front page that somewhat act as a drag and drop feature.
  • The theme is responsive on mobile devices.
  • There are social icons that are embedded in the theme.
  • The elements here support translation.

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USP: Responsive, social media integration and Translation ability

moesia Free WordPress Theme

  • Moesia is a clean and aesthetically pleasing theme.
  • It comes with 11 pre-provided blocks that can be used as page builders.
  • There are multiple tools and animations that have been integrated with the theme.
  • The theme is intuitively responsive to mobile and tablet devices.
  • The theme is translation ready and comes with social media integration.

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USP: Feature Blocks, and integrates with popular WordPress plugins

allegiant Free WordPress Theme

  • The theme is modern, clean, direct, neutral in design and can be used by a number of industries.
  • There are custom feature blocks provided that can be directly punched in with information and can be used as is.
  • It integrates with popular WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, Woo-commerce and Contact Form 7.
  • One of the content modules comes in with built-in testimonials.
  • The header can be used as a slider or a static image.
  • The theme comes with the companion Content CPO Plugin

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Anariel Lite

USP: Supports audio and video posts, responsive, for go-to blogging

Anariel Lite Free Free WordPress Theme

  • The theme comes with a clean and self-directed aesthetic that puts content first.
  • Going on the home page there are layouts that support content as well as featured images, ideal for blogging.
  • There are 3 distinctive blogging options that can be used for variety.
  • The theme comes with a responsive and retina friendly interface which is ideal for blogging.
  • The theme comes with preconfigured blocks for the about us section, quotes, and Instagram.
  • There is a complete social media integration.
  • The theme supports audio and video posts.
  • Anariel Lite can be upgraded to premium features at a minimal cost.

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USP: Flexible, Gallery Option in Full Screen, Page Builder, Woo-Commerce integration

phlox Free WordPress Theme

  • The elegant theme is full of features like a large slider, social media buttons, call to action buttons, and overlaying title text.
  • The theme comes with a wide variety of demos that can showcase the sheer potential of it to be used in any industry.
  • In-depth customization is possible due to the several elements, layouts, and shortcodes that have been provided through the theme.
  • There are themes provided for specific blogger needs from travel to food etc.
  • The post formats can support from images to galleries which means that one of these galleries could also include a portfolio if need be.
  • The galleries are provided with a full-screen view option.

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USP: Great for tech market, responsive, integrates with page builder and woo-commerce

vantage Free WordPress Theme

  • Vantage is excellent for users who want to go for a theme suitable for the tech industry.
  • As it integrates with popular WordPress plugins like Woo-Commerce, it can eventually extend as an e-commerce platform.
  • The theme comes with integration with page builders, hence it is fully customizable as per your needs.
  • This theme is also apt for users who want to build a portfolio based approach as it supports high-resolution images in grids with links on the thumbnails.

Free Demo Get It Here

Zerif Lite

USP: One-page theme, responsive

zerif lite Free WordPress Theme

  • This is a one-page theme. Experts believe that with time this is what the people will prefer as opposed to the ones where individuals need to navigate to other pages for information.
  • The theme is responsive to be used in other devices such as mobiles and tablets.
  • Localization is supported in the theme.
  • There is a contact form, call to action button in the large header and tools for overlaying text and images.
  • The theme also has a premium version to upgrade to.

Free Demo Get It Here


USP: Templates, widgets, and a full blog

rocked Free WordPress Theme

  • The theme is great for a corporate touch.
  • There are numerous widgets that can be used to implement testimonials, services, and other options.
  • You can also dd customized code to initiate functions that you require.
  • There are features for color control and pre-defined blocks.
  • There are over 600 Google Fonts that are supported so as to bring a variation in the layout.

Free Demo Get It Here

Riba Lite

USP: Author Box, responsive, Woo Commerce integration, premium UI Features.

riba lite Free WordPress Theme

  • The theme is great for people who want to keep content first on their website.
  • It is responsive and can be used on a variety of devices.
  • The theme is complete with features that you would witness only in a premium one, like pushing the content to the center in a post, each post has a large featured image. And there is a parallax effect with some overlaying text.
  • The homepage is complete with buttons and thumbnails of recent posts.
  • There are social media buttons that have been provided towards the end of each post.
  • Riba Lite WordPress theme already comes with an inbuilt author box, so there is no need for an additional plugin to do that.

Free Demo Get It Here


USP: Responsive, Woo-Commerce integrated, social integration, drag and drop

Make Free WordPress Theme

  • Make as a theme is great for users who are looking for a modern look to their website.
  • The website is completely responsive to other devices and can thus be used on other devices.
  • There are social media buttons on the theme to take your visitors to your social media handles.
  • The theme can be integrated with popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WP Page Navi.
  • There is a drag and drop page builder that is one of the key features of the theme, so you can build your website the way you want.

Free Demo Get It Here


USP: Responsive, grid-based, custom widgets, custom scrolling

alizee Free WordPress Theme

  • The theme is a lot like Pinterest in its appearance.
  • The entire theme is on a grid-like UI.
  • The responsive theme has a parallax header.
  • There is the togglable menu feature, so you could have a togglable sidebar or a togglable social menu.
  • The theme is made from a number of columns and thus the user can decide the number of columns they prefer.

Free Demo Get It Here


USP: Responsive, multiple columns

enlightenment Free WordPress Theme

  • This is a multipurpose and responsive theme.
  • The theme is complete with customizations and a custom header.
  • It has plenty of white spaces that make sure that it is the content that stands out.
  • To increase flexibility, the theme comes with up to 4 columns, widgets, and sidebars so you need a minimum of third party plugins or coding assistance.

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USP: Preconfigured formats, Jetpack, and WooCommerce

arcade basic Free WordPress Theme

  • The large header on the theme takes up most of the screen.
  • There is integration with almost all the major plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, etc.
  • There are eight post formats that come along with it and include elements ranging from galleries, images, video, and links, etc.
  • All the images using Jetpack comes in a tiled view on the website.
  • The header, site width, and page layout are all customizable.

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USP: Branding assistance, extreme customization

spacious Free WordPress Theme

  • Spacious as the name would suggest is a clean and well- spaced theme.
  • The theme is full of customization features like 4-page layouts, 2-page templates, and 13 widget areas.
  • Putting these together in the backend this is almost like a drag and drop feature.
  • The user can choose between dark and light skin.

Free Demo Get It Here

Llorix One Lite

USP: Responsive, customized ribbon, news widget, social media buttons, embedded map

llorix one lite Free WordPress Theme

  • This completely responsive website has many features. Some of which would only be available to paid themes.
  • The theme also provides a one-page layout that ensures the content and all the other elements are more streamlined throughout the page.
  • There is a customizable ribbon can aid the user in telling the website visitor regarding the purpose of their website.
  • There are parallax scrolling and call to action buttons that add to the UI of the website.
  • The theme can be integrated with WooCommerce and can thus support online shops.

Free Demo Get It Here

Regina Lite

USP: For the medical field, WooCommerce support, Responsive and Easy Translation

regina lite Free WordPress Theme

  • The theme is largely based on medical professionals.
  • Although it can be used by any industry, they are dedicated in their layout to the medical field.
  • The theme is responsive and can be integrated with WooCommerce to initiate a shop front.
  • There are a nice header area and multiple social action buttons.
  • The theme is already installed with a book an appointment button that can prove time-saving for the users’ business.
  • Widgets can be placed on the header or the footer part of the theme.

Free Demo Get It Here

MH Magazine Lite

USP: Translatable, Premium Features, Responsive

mh magazine lite Free WordPress Theme

  • The responsive theme is ideal for those who want to build a web-based magazine.
  • It is complete translation supportive, thus no matter who visits your website can easily read the content in their language without having to use a translator.
  • Custom widgets help a visitor to drag the modules to sidebars and footers.
  • The theme supports HD images which get cropped to appear as thumbnails on the UI.
  • Although there is a premium version available to the website, most of the features have already been included in the free version.

Free Demo Get It Here


USP: Ad Management, Localization

Bulan Free WordPress Theme

  • Bulan is a great theme for beginners.
  • It is also highly customizable with page templates and custom widgets.
  • There are ad management systems to generate revenue.
  • It is localized and supports translated languages.

Free Demo Get It Here

Wrapping Up!

This was the first part of our series on the best free WordPress themes 2019. We have tried to cover themes that go beyond a single use and can be used by many industries. They are highly customizable, support the major WordPress plugins to increase their functionality and purpose and are social media friendly as the needs of today’s time demands. Watch out for our second part of the same series that will have more of some of the best free WordPress themes 2019.

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