Top 10 Best live Chat Plugins for WordPress 2020

Top 10 Best live Chat Plugins for WordPress

If you are running a WordPres website to represent your business then by now you must have realized that it serves many other purposes as well. The most important of all of them is, providing information to the visitors about products and services that are being offered. But you cannot put every single detail on your website. This is why the visitors have some questions in their mind when they go through your website. This is when a WordPress chat plugin comes into the scenario. By using live chat, you provide them with a way to get their queries answered quickly. 

best live chat plugin for wordpress

Noone likes to wait to get answers to their queries. Adding a WordPress live chat plugin on your website gives them an option to get instant response to all their questions. It also adds a more personal touch to your website. Now the question arises How to Find the Best Live Chat Plugin for WordPress. Here, we have created a detailed list of top 10 plugins. You can make a comparison in all of these plugins on the basis of factors like features, price etc. and decide which one to pick. 




olark live chat plugin

Description: Olark is an easy to use live chat plugin. It can be seamlessly integrated with your WordPress website with the help of a well-designed widget. It also comes bundled with handy shortcodes that can be embedded anywhere effortlessly.

Some Features of OLARK:

  • This plugin provides detailed reports that can help you to track all the conversations, responses from the customer and responsiveness of your live chat operator.
  • It also provides seamless CRM integration.
  • You can customize the chat settings according to your requirements.
  • Different departments can use the chat process.

Get It For: $17 per month


2. LiveChat




Description: LiveChat lightweight and functional plugin adds a small chat window at the bottom of your website. It comes equipped with tons of amazing features.

Some features of LiveChat:

  • It has a customizable chat window.
  • This plugin helps you to track all the previous records and the chat history.
  • It also provides your customers with a popup to start the conversation.
  • All the chats can be controlled from a single dashboard.

Get It For: $16 per month


3. Zendesk Chat (Zopim live chat)


Zendesk Chat (Zopim live chat)


Description: This popular WordPress chat plugin is super easy to configure. It can help a website to increase the leads regardless of the size of the business. The already beautiful chat box can be further customized to fit your needs.

Some features of Zendesk:

  • Currently, more than 160,000 businesses are using this plugin.
  • You can use this plugin on any device because it is mobile optimized.
  • It also has advanced analytics that can help you to monitor the chats and visitor flow.
  • The plugin also has a feature of automatically reaching every user without chatting.

Get It For: $11.12 per month


4. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio Live Chat


Description: This functional live chat plugin comes with three different designs and themes for the chat box. These existing designs can be further customized.

Some features of Tidio live chat:

  • You can send direct emails to offline chat users.
  • This plugin is available for Android, iOS and Desktop.
  • Offline messages are sent in the inbox when there is no operator available to chat.

Get It For: $12 per month


5. WordPress Live Chat Plugin



Description: If you find the process of renewing your subscription every month very hectic then this plugin is ideal for you. It offers both the payment options. You can get it with one time payment also.

Some features of the WordPress live chat plugin:

  • This open source plugin can be installed on unlimited domains.
  • It comes with a one time payment option.
  • You can keep unlimited chat history.
  • You can also access and manage the chats from the WordPress Dashboard.

Get It For: $18 per month


6. Formilla Live Chat


Formilla Live Chat


Description: This live chat plugin is suitable for all types of websites. It comes with proactive chats and offline email forms and another amazing live chat plugin, supporting up to 30 chats per month for a single agent in the free version. Although with an upgrade the user can access unlimited chats.

Android and iOS Premium users can access Formilla on the app as well as their official interface. It also includes proactive chats and offline email forms.

Some features of Formilla WordPress live chat plugins:

  • If your website has modest traffic then the free version of this plugin can work well for you.
  • With the free version you can have 30 chats with a single agent.
  • It can also be accessed from both Android and iOS.
  • You can keep unlimited chat history for future access.

Get It For: $18 per month

This plugin also comes with a free version but that has a restriction on the number of chats.

7. Pure Chat


Pure chat

Description: Pure box is one of the best live chat plugins for WordPress Easily having the most beautiful chat boxes, that allow you to customize all aspects, with unlimited colors, dazzling animations, as well as providing you with the ability to add custom images to your box Pure Chat is one of a kind

Some features of Pure chat plugin:

  • The plugin comes with a proactive chat trigger and advanced analytics.
  • You can also schedule the chats in advance..
  • You can also keep 30 days of chat history.
  • It has powerful real-time visitor tracking.

Get It For: $15 per month


8. WP Live Chat Support



wp live chat support


Description: This is a completely free live chat plugin for WordPress. It comes with all the features that you might look for. But if you want some advanced ones then you can upgrade to the pro version.

Some features of WP Live chat Support plugin:

  • This free live chat plugin allows you to keep unlimited chat history.
  • You can have unlimited conversations in a month.
  • The chat box is completely customizable also.
  • The free version allows you to have an unlimited number of simultaneous chats.

Get It For: $39.95 per month for the pro version


9. Chaport


Chaport live chat


Description: Chaport provides free live chat services for WordPress, with unlimited chat history. It is multilingual and has well-designed widgets. They have a chat support app for mobile devices also. Free version also provides unlimited chats, history and unlimited registered operators. 

Some features of Chaport plugin:

  • With this plugin you can keep unlimited chat history.
  • It allows you to have unlimited conversations in a month.
  • It is a free plugin but if you want to access more advanced features also then you can go for the pro version.
  • The Pro version gives you so many amazing features like auto invitations, saved replies etc.

Get It For: $9.80 per month for the pro version


10. Freshchat





Description: This plugin is different from others because it offers a chat-bot system that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. You can also add some extra functionality to these bots.

Some features of Freshchat plugin:

  • Along with the chat bot, it allows real-time chats  as well.
  • The Live chat supports up to 10 visitors at a time.
  • It also provides customer timeline views.
  • This plugin enables you to use smart plugs, canned responses in order to increase productivity.

Get It For: $15 per month




Adding a live chat website plugin has so many advantages. This is the reason it is becoming a popular way of providing support to the customers. Some of these advantages are:

  • A visitor does not have to wait for a response.
  • You can also provide quick and real-time support. 
  • This way you can generate more valuable leads.
  • It helps you to build a rapport for your business among the users.

And the list does not end here. Using WordPress chat plugin on your website can benefit you in so many other ways as well. For your convenience, here we have listed top 10 plugins and compared them on the basis of different points. It will help you to make the perfect pick for your website.

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