WordPress hacks- Tips to keep your Website Safe!

WordPress hacks

As a website owner, nothing is more terrifying than seeing all of your work being altered or even worse, being completely wiped out because of an unauthorized login attempt on your website. Data breaches and malicious attacks are getting more common day by day. These malicious users can cause a threat to you even if you are running a small business through your website. A recent survey has proved that 43% of the victims of all data breaches are websites that power small or mid-sized businesses. Here, we have compiled a list of WordPress hacks that will help you to keep your website protected.

No matter what, you have to keep your website safe from the bad guys because there is no coming back once you start venturing down the rabbit hole of website vulnerabilities. Even if there is then it involves a process that will require a huge amount of time and effort. The best way to avoid all this is to keep your website protected in the first place. Now you must be wondering how to safeguard your WordPress website.

How to Keep Your Website Secured from the Hackers

Here, we have mentioned a few WordPress Tips and Tricks to keep your website protected from malicious attacks.

  • Use a strong password:

    If you are one of those people who find it very difficult to remember complicated passwords and use the most basic ones for one simple reason: ‘they are easy to remember’ then you are increasing your chances of falling prey to a malicious user’s attack. You should use passwords for the website that are complex and difficult to guess. Ideally, you should use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. If you do not want to get stuck in a situation where you are locked out of your own website. And if it is because you can’t remember the complicated combination that you used as a password then there are a lot of password managing options for you. This way you can keep all your password at a safe spot.

  • Keep the software and plugins updated:

    Updates are a persistent factor of your website. You should regularly check if there are any update for WordPress version, plugin, theme or any other element. Running an outdate version of the software leaves your website open to attacks. It is a proved facts that websites that have software vulnerabilities fall prey to unauthorized attacks very easily as compared to the ones that are running updated versions of software, plugins or all other elements. Security flaws in any web software are on the top most priority in hackers’ attacking hit list. You need to update these programs in order to patch any existing security holes. It is also crucial to keep all the scripts that you have installed up-to-date.

  • Use Security Plugins:

    The added benefit of building your website with a CMS like WordPress is that you get infinite options of security plugins to install. These plugin can actively prevent website unauthorized login attempts. They can address the security vulnerabilities that are inherent in the website building platform. Some of the plugins go beyond closing the security loopholes of the website. They also provide constant monitoring for everything including malware detection, vulnerability identification etc.

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  • Tighten Network Security:

    If you are using a shared network with two or more computers then the chances are high that a malicious user will attack you. These networks inadvertently provide an easy access route to your website servers and this becomes the job easy for the bad guys. In order to protect yourself from these security threats, you have to ensure:

    • Your website’s login expires after a short period of inactivity. At first, this may cause a little bit of inconvenience for you but it does more good. If you leave your admin open by any chance then it will log out automatically after some time and no malicious user will be able to access your things in an unauthorized way.
    • Do not keep using the same password for a long duration. This way, you will remain safe in the case of someone secretly stealing your password.
    • Make sure you use complicated and strong passwords. Your password should not be easy to guess or cannot be broken using brute-force program.
    • If you are using a shared network then make sure that all the devices that are connected on the network are scanned for any kind of malware presence. You have to check this every time you attach these devices to the network. This way, you will be able to avoid any security threat travelling through the network from one device to another and then to your web server.
  • Use a Firewall:

    In order to add an extra layer of protection, you can use a web-application firewall for your website. There are different types of firewalls to choose from, some are hardware-based and others are solely software. A firewall will analyze every bit of the traffic coming in and going out on the web server. With the constant monitoring, if any suspicious element or activity is found, a thorough scan is initiated and it will help to prevent any possible unauthorized attempts. Currently, cloud-based firewall is the most preferable in all the options available. If you are someone running an online store or some other type of website using which you deal with some information then you really need a firewall on your website. It will help you to find vulnerabilities and fix them quickly and more effectively.

  • Maintain Regular Backups:

    Even if you are doing everything that is present on the list and following all the WordPress Tips, you can still face some issues and things can go wrong with your website. What is even worse is, a scenario where a website gets hacked and you lose everything because of a simple reason, ‘you forgot to take a backup of your website’. In order to avoid such situations, make sure that you always take a backup of your website after making any modifications. A data breach is undoubtedly stressful but if you have a recent backup then you can easily get things back on track aftre recovering the website. You can make a habit out of manually backing your website up daily or weekly.

Final Thoughts!

Securing your website against these malicious login attempts is not a difficult task at all. You must have a clear idea about things from the very beginning. With all these things in mind, you can keep your website healthy and safe in the long run!

It is very important to perform security scans on a regular basis. It helps you to easily find out if there are any website or server vulnerabilities. You should perform these on a fixed time interval. And also after making any changes or additions to the website.

Finding yourself in a fix amidst all these things? We understand that it can get very difficult at times to handle all the technicalities of your website. And even more difficult if you have to focus on the core operations of your business simultaneously. While there are a few small things that you can take care. But there are so many security measures that need an expert hand. With a professional security expert, you can scan your website for vulnerabilities, monitor for any kind of malicious activity, and fix it whenever it requires any repair. Our WordPress security experts can help you with this. In this blog, we have compiled a list of some important WordPress Hacks.

For further queries regarding any WordPress-related issues or to get more professional help you can contact us. Our toll-free number is 1-866-332-O276. We are available 24×7 as we work around the clock. Our WordPress Support Professionals will answer all the questions that you can possibly have.

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