Top 10 Quiz Plugins for WordPress?

Are you looking for a way to keep your website visitors around for a longer time? There are many ways to boost the user engagement but giving a personalized touch to the website is definitely one of the most effective ones. For this, you can do things like adding a personality quiz or a customer satisfaction survey. 


Why Add a Quiz?

When you add a quiz on your website, it hooks readers and keeps them there for longer durations. This way you can easily increase the overall user engagement of your website. All you have to do is, find quiz topics that might interest your target audience. 


Now the Big Question comes: How to add these quizzes or surveys on a website? 


You do not have to be an expert in coding to implement a quiz. With the help of a good  quiz plugin you can easily add questions & answers, insert images and tally up the responses of users. There are several plugins that you can use to create quizzes on your website. 


Top 10 Best Quiz Plugins:

For your convenience, we have handpicked a few good options of quiz plugins for WordPress. 


Quiz and Survey Master:


This is a popular quiz plugin which was formerly known as Quiz Master Next. This plugin includes a large array of question types. With this, you get a lot of flexibility when it comes to the types of quizzes that you can create. It gives you options like:


  • Multiple choice (radio boxes)
  • True and false
  • Open text answer
  • Multiple response (checkboxes)
  • Fill in the blank
  • Number


Each quiz can have multiple pages and you can create custom results pages based on how a user answered your quiz.


Quiz Cat:

Quiz Cat can help you create quizzes that boost your website’s user engagement. You can create as many quizzes as you want and there is no limit on the number of questions a quiz can have. For answers, you can give two to four possible choices. There is also an option of displaying a custom message when a user finishes the quiz. 


This plugin also gives an option to create a custom headline, image, a beautiful “Start Quiz” button and a description based on a user’s quiz score. Basically, you will have the complete creative control over the quiz. You can choose a quiz format according to your requirement with a quiz builder and then publish it on your website with a simple shortcode. You will have to paste this shortcode into a post or page on which you want the quiz to display. 


The actual plugin language is English but the quizzes you create will be translatable. 


Formidable Forms:

This versatile and multi-purpose plugin comes with a powerful form builder that works on drag and drop approach. It offers various form templates that you can use to create your own form. Or if you want, there is an option to start with a blank form and create a quiz according to your requirements. 


When it comes to scoring, either you can create your own grading scale or choose the auto-scoring. Once a user submits the quiz, there will be an option to email the score or display it in a success message.


There are different ways to format the quiz score like displaying the count of total correct answers, letter grade, percentage of correct answers etc. You can choose any of them. 


WP Quiz:

With WP Quiz you can drive a high amount of traffic from social media. This plugin makes the process of creating and publishing a quiz very smooth. You can create different types of quizzes including trivia quiz, personality quiz, flip card quiz etc. 


This plugin comes with one-click installation, is easy to customize and can work well with any WordPress theme. You can change the font and background colors according to your requirement. In order to make the quizzes more interesting, there is also an option to add images and videos. It also includes auto-scroll to the next questions and social share buttons. 


Although the free version works fine but if you want some additional features like swiper quizzes etc. then you can go for its pro version. 


HD Quiz:

It is another popular quiz plugin. This plugin has a responsive design and you can create as many quizzes as you want with this. There is also no limit on the number of questions you can add in a quiz. If you want to add an extra fun element in your quiz and make them more interactive then you can also use GIF images in questions and answers. 


This plugin has customization tools for changing progress bar colors, animation effects, font colors and background colors. It also includes a few amazing features like quiz timer, question tooltips for hints, social sharing etc. 


Interact Quiz Maker:

This is a powerful plugin that you can use to create viral quizzes. This is one of the best ways to generate leads, build social media following, generate traffic, and boost overall conversions.


This plugin comes with a drag and drop quiz builder that you can use to create highly interactive quizzes. It includes more than 800 ready to use templates, you can use any of them to create a quiz you want. 


You also have an option to show questions based on the previous responses of a user. This is called Quiz Branching. 


WP Poll:

Are you looking for a quiz plugin for your WordPress website that comes with plenty of features? If yes then WP Poll can be your go to option. It gives you some amazing customization features. You can quickly set up a poll, quiz or survey on your website that matches your needs. 


This plugin offers ten theme designs, seven animations, five timer style, single and multiple votes, widget and practical and graphical reporting in the back-end. You can easily integrate a shortcode to display the results of a poll or quiz. 


If you want to use addons with this plugin, you will have to pay a small fee.


Ari Stream Quiz:

This plugin is easy to use. With this, you can create and publish a quiz in no time. It also offers seamless integrations with mailing list plugins including MailChimp and Mailer Lite. This way collecting leads can become much easier. To embed the quiz into posts and pages, you can just paste a shortcode.


With the free version of this plugin, you can create trivia quizzes supporting multiple choice questions. Pro version allows you to create personality quizzes and you can extend lead collection to more mailing list services like AWeber. 


Watu Quiz:

Watu Quiz is a plugin that can help you create and publish a quiz effortlessly. This plugin also gives you an option to give award points to every answer a user answers. Once the quiz is submitted, the score will be calculated automatically and the results can display on a bar chart. This is responsive and touch friendly.


Although the free version of this plugin comes with enough features, if you want some additional ones then you can go for the pro version. It includes an advanced grading system. The paid version also allows you to import questions in CSV files and copy questions into new quizzes.


WordPress Simple Quiz:

If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to add a quiz on your website then WordPress Simple Quiz can be your go to option. It comes with some amazing features that will make the process smooth and easy. With this plugin, you can create a quiz according to your requirements. 


To embed the quiz on your website, you will have to generate a shortcode and paste it. Once the quiz is published, your users will be able to see it and give their answers. 


Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, this article has helped you to find a suitable quiz plugin for your WordPress website. 


Still have some doubts about this? To get some expert advice you contact us on Our team of WordPress experts will assist you with all your queries.

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