What is 300 Error – Everything You Need To Know!

HTTP 300 codes

Sometimes you see a short note on your webpage like HTTP ERROR 301: MOVED PERMANENTLY and other related messages. These short notes are not a part of the webpage but they are concerning messages. These messages on the screen are the way to tell the user about which error occurred on the webpage. It usually shows redirected to this page and not to the requested page. So, why do you need to understand HTTP status code 300 ? it is important to understand them as they help in troubleshooting and fixing more errors like that.

In this blog, we will be talking in-depth about the HTTP 300 code.

You just need to follow the guide to the end.

HTTP 300 codes are redirect codes.

So, before learning about what is 300 ERROR CODES. It is important for you to understand why redirects are so important:

  • Redirects are the result of change and this can be a change of SEO strategy, business changes, change in policy and many more. Redirects help in solving the duplicate content issue.
  • After redirecting the website needs to be re-indexed for the search engines. So, that the search engine index the new link, not the older link.

Indication of HTTP Error 300

  • Windows run slow and respond slowly, sluggishly.
  • Freezing of system for few seconds.
  • Browser showing HTTP ERROR 300 on multiple websites.

Causes Of Http Error 300

  • Control over internet browser by Malware infection.
  • Changes in windows registry with software related issue.
  • The download of a maliciously infected file in the browser.

WHAT IS A 300 ERROR- What Does It Mean?

When your browser connects with the host, it sends queries that you wanted to search, but sometimes you receive a redirect in response. It is a special response header. And the browser recognizes it by the response code range from 300-304.

Moreover, it tells the browser that some other action must be performed in order to fulfill the request of the user. For example, the status code 301 tells that a webpage has been moved permanently and all the calls and other communication will be directed to the different URL.

We will talk about the most common 300 series response codes and the ways to avoid the issues because of them:

WHAT IS HTTP 300 CODES: 300- Multiple Choices


  • 300 Multiple choices have rarely used the code. It occurs when the request is redirected to multiple destinations.
  • The user agent or user should choose any one of them. And there is no standardized way of choosing.


1. Correct the registry associated with 300:

Manually editing windows registry is not recommended unless you are some IT professionals. As incorrect editing can stop the PC from functioning.

To manually repair the Windows registry

  • Click on “start” button then type the command, hold CTRL-Shift and hit Enter
  • After that, click yes on the permission dialog box, type “Regedit” in the black box
  • This will direct you to the Registry editor; select the Error 300-related key you want to backup.
  • From the file menu, select the export option then in the save in list, then the select folder you want to save the backup key.
  • Put the name for the backup file like “Windows OS Backup”.
  • Select the “Selected branch” in the Export Range box” and click on save.
  • Save the file with .reg extension.
  • After that back up the registry.

To manually editing the registry, you can follow Microsoft for further details. Windows registry manually can cause serious problems that may damage the window.

2. Conduct a full malware scan of the system:

Multiple choice errors can be caused due to malware infections in the system as they can damage or even delete browser status codes- related files.

3. Clean all the system junk like cache or temporary files, clear all the cookies:

With time, the system is compiled with junk files form web surfing and use of the system. If these junk files are not cleaned out then it will cause OS to respond slowly to any task or provides a multiple choices error. But sometimes cleaning the file might not solve the problem, but it will speed up the performance of the pc.

4.  Update all the drivers of the system:

Multiple choices can be related to corrupt or outdated drivers of the system. So, it is important to update the drivers and fix the error 300 problem if it is due to this.

5. Use windows system restore to undo system changes:

The restoring system will take you back and eliminate all the errors. And can return all system files and programs back to you.

To restore system (in Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 10)

  • Firstly, Click the start button, search “system restore” and click on it
  • Enter administrator passwords and restore your system by following steps in the Wizard.

6. Uninstall and install the OS program which is related to multiple choices.

  • Firstly, In Window 10, hover the cursor click on the start menu
  • After that, click on the programs and features. Locate Multiple choices- associated program
  • Click on the windows OS associated entry.
  • Click the uninstall and follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation process of Error 300 related programs.

After the uninstallation, reinstall the program.

7. Run the system file checker:

It is a handy tool that allows the user to scan and restore corruptions in Windows system files:

  • Firstly, Click on the start button, type “command” in the search box and while holding CTRL-SHIFT hit enter.
  • After that, click yes on the permission box and type SFC /scannow and hit enter.
  • This will begin the system file checker

8. Install all the updates of windows:

Microsoft updates and improves windows very often that could be associated with multiple choices.

To check windows update:

  • Firstly, Click the start button and type update on the search box
  • After that, If will open the Windows update and click on install update button.

9. Always perform a clean installation of windows.

WHAT IS HTTP 300 CODES: 301 – Moved Permanently


A 301 moved permanently response code tells that the requested resource is invalid and it should be directed to a new URL.

  • 301 moved permanently is an HTTP response status code which will indicate that the requested resource has been permanently moved to a new URI by location response header.
  •  Google handle this error. When Google notices 301 redirects after indexing a site, its spiders update the site index and restore the page ranking.


  • Firstly, Correct the registry associated with 301: Manually editing windows registry is not recommended useless you are some IT professionals. As incorrect editing can stop the PC from functioning.
  • After that, Full back up of application is essential before fixing the issues is a must.
  • Follow steps in of HTTP 300- Multiple Choices

WHAT IS HTTP 300 CODES : 302- Found


  • This 302-found indicates that the URI of the requested resource is not the same and has been changed temporarily.


  • Unlike the 301-redirect user should continue using the URI pointing to the redirect as it is a temporary redirect.
  • Follow above given steps



This redirect is different from the above redirect discussed to this point. 303 is mainly for POST and PUT request that takes to a different URI than what is requested by the user in the POST and PUT request.


  • Firstly, Do the Application Backup first, this will give you clean testing ground and you can test all the issues and resolve the issue without affecting the security.
  • After that, Diagnose 303 codes.
  • Debug the application code, try to debug to see what error is causing this.
  • You can follow above given steps



  • It is an HTTP response status code which tells that the requested resource has not been modified since the previous transmission. Then the user and user-agent check the current status of the cached page.


  • Full back up of application is essential before fixing the issues is a must.
  • Diagnose the 304 not modified response code.
  • You can also follow above given steps



  • This code indicates-  proxy server should be used.
  • Due to this error, the webserver redirects the URL to another URL. This is related is a security concern.


  • Application is likely to run servers like Apache or Nginx. So, confirm your server configuration. More than 84% of the browser use these servers.
  • You can follow above given steps.



It is the same as 302 and requires the same request method on the redirected URI. The requested resource is temporarily moved to another URL.


  • Start with application backup, as it is important to back up before attempting any fixes or change to the system.
  • Debug the application code, and perform the step by step procedure, this will recreate the exact scenario in which 304 occurred.
  • You can also follow above given steps.



This code indicates the requested resource is permanently located at another URI, it is the same as the HTTP 301” moved permanently” code. The only exception is the user agent must not change the HTTP method.


  • Debugging, back up, troubleshooting on the server-side, scour the logs.
  • You can also follow steps given into above Errors.


Whenever any error like the above occurs in our system, it makes us unclear on how to solve them. And you can only resolve them when you will understand what the error is about. So, we hope this article helped you with solving the HTTP 300 codes.

 Have you faced any of these errors? Were you able to solve them all? Let us know in the comments section below!

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