WordPress Not Working – Common Errors and Their Fixes

Case Information

Client: Margie, Heaven Home Bakers, Illinois

Category: WordPress Errors

Project Status : Completed, 16 June 2018

Last updated on July 7th, 2021

Problem Brief:

Margie came to us with a website, whose URL when typed showed a blank screen. She had tried visiting it from different portals, but no respite. She was left in a spot as she had no clue about what the possible cause could be. Then there was the chance of losing all her content, database and the depleting customer satisfaction. As she had a home bakery business, she knew for every hour her website had a ‘blank existence’ she will be losing potential clients. Thankfully she could login to the backend, but there she could see everything was functioning normally.

It baffled her more wondering, what could possibly go so wrong that lead to her website on a static holt!

Issues to Resolve:

White Screen of Death

Unresponsiveness Across Devices

Troubleshooting The Error

Recovering the Data

Getting the Website Up and Running ASAP

Troubleshooting Error:

Step 01

Gather all information

We first jotted down all the information there was to know about the error and the issues faced by Margie. We then tried to zero down on the solution one issue at a time.

Step 02

Check whether the plugins are working

We realized that the backend was working fine, and the front end showed the white screen of death, then we disabled all the plugins and the theme. We added one of the default themes from WordPress. On disabling, we saw the website began functioning normally. We then started enabling the plugin one after the other and when we found the culprit, we deleted it and replaced it with an alternative that had the same function.

Step 03

Restore the Website

We restored the website with the most recent backup that was saved. All of the content and the database was also recovered without any losses.